Monday, June 13, 2016


Almost a year later.... here are some photos from our time in America!  After spending time with family we headed to CO to hang out with some of our dearest friends.  We love you!  

Forth of July with besties from Boston, dara and beth, and their babies that we got to meet for the first time...

Fun times at a retreat in CO!  

here is luke at the beginning of the carnival with his cool teenage mutant ninja turtles face paint.... and the next picture is from at the end of the carnival, after he threw at least full melt down fits.  he's always an emotional guy, but the jet lag and culture shock of america did something amazing (and terrible) to him for a few weeks!  :)

my goofy (and much more emotionally stable) girl!

we also got to see some of our dearest friends from Indonesia who moved to CO... but will be joining us back in southeast asia next month!!!  #dreamsdocometrue

then we got to spend a short 36 hours at a friend's ranch house there... joy has been a friend and mentor to me for 15 years!!!  joy, beth and i have been friends for years and it was so fun to have a quick, spontaneous night together as families on such a beautiful ranch!!  our kids got a load of new experiences!  mountains, cool air, creeks, 4 wheelers... so fun!

mary, taking it all in, reading a book by herself.  ha!  my (rather social) introvert.  :)

joy, mom extraordinaire, taking her 5 kids down a FREEZING creek like a champ

then, we got to spend 10 days with beth's family.  it was like a little retreat for my soul.  beth has been my faithful friend through the last 5 years... she has committed to an (almost) weekly phone date since we moved to indonesia.  she knows me and understands a lot about life here.  it was so great to rest at her house after a crazy first 5 weeks of traveling all over america.  thanks, bethy!  and her little is cute and crazy fun! and we hardly got any pictures together... of course.  

we also got a few days of the perry family coming to hang out at beth's house.  my indonesia world and boston world were colliding in a wonderful way!  :)  maya and mary and luke and jakin are buddies from Indonesia and they picked up right where they left off.  and have i mentioned we will be neighbors again in malaysia... i can hardly handle the excitement for all of us!  

girl bonding... 

boy bonding... 

a little crazy when they're together... 

and we didn't leave CO without a day of hiking and climbing big rocks.  it was SO SO fun for our kids!  we'd never done anything like it before and we loved running around huge rocks and seeing how high we could climb up together.  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Larkin Family Vacay

i know this is LONG overdue, but more than anything this blog is for our family so i want to make sure to document our time in the states... 

Larkin Family Vacation to NC

soon after we got to america we headed to NC for a family vacation with the larkin family.  We stayed in a big house together, ate a lot of food, played a lot of games and managed to boat a few times too!  the weather was a little colder than expected but it was still a great time!

my funny neice, kate... poor dad just wanted a kiss.  :)

family dance party by the water.  we hope no one was watching... we tend to be a bit more gifted in the athletic department than the dance department!  

so thankful for my mom and dad who make our family vacation a priority!  some of my favorite memories growing up was our family vacation time together... i hope that one day my kids can say the same.  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2015 Photography

my twelve favorite photos from 2015.