Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching the Elusive Smile

Mary is smiling quite a bit these days, and not just prompted by gas. As most parents can vouch, it is one of the most rewarding moments for a parent of a newborn when they start cracking a big grin at you.

However, try as we might, we've been unable to catch this smile on camera. This isn't for a lack of effort, she just doesn't like the camera (takes after her father). But, we thought we'd throw a couple of attempts on the blog. Each video is just over 30 seconds long.

The first video is of Mary on her changing table. She doesn't really smile at all, but I'm posting it here because I was really impressed with her arm speed. It looks like she's attempting to fly right off the table. Though you can't see it, her legs were going at about the same pace. She may become a ninja.

The second video is her sitting (propped) up like a big girl (supervised, of course) on Sunday morning. You'll notice Praise Baby playing in the background, featuring our pastor's wife, Laura Richmond.

The third video is from this morning, and features Lisa's hair getting in the way. It's probably the closest we've come to catching the smile.

We'll continue our valiant attempts to catch the smile on camera. I almost feel like a cameraman for the Discovery Channel or something, sitting around waiting for that perfect shot to come. When that day comes, there will be much rejoicing.

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