Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mary, Ryan & Mary Ryan

As most of you know, our little Mary Margaret is named after our maternal grandmothers. Mary is Danny's grandmother (more commonly known as Granny), which makes Mary Mary's great-granddaughter. Granny's last name is "Ryan," which is also the name of her other great-grandchild, born to Kevin (the oldest of 6 in Danny's family) and his wife, Leanne, back in November.

Confused? Let's make it simple: Mary Ryan has 2 great-grandchildren, Mary and Ryan. How cool is that? It's a great way to honor someone we all love so much. So, here are some pictures of Mary, Ryan and Mary Ryan.

This first picture was from the same day as Mary's dedication (May 3). It was the first time she met her 1st cousin, Ryan. As you can tell, Ryan inherited all of Granny's Irish genes and opted not to share any with Mary.

This next picture is more recent, from a family get together at Kevin's house. This picture includes my mother and brother, Kevin.

From the same family gathering is a picture of Ryan eating Mary's feet.

Rewinding the clock, here are a couple pictures of Granny holding her first great-granddaughter. The first was taken when Mary was just a couple hours old, the second only about a day old.

Next month will be a big month for Mary, as she'll meet her family on Lisa's side (Lisa's parents are the only ones she's met so far). That means we'll get pictures of her with all her cousins, aunts & uncles and great-grandparents, including Margaret. We'll be sure to post pictures when the time comes.

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