Monday, September 21, 2009

working from home

I started tutoring again last week... I will be working four days a week but just a few hours each day. It was sad to leave Mary, but I knew that she was in good hands with her daddy. Since Mary has a long morning nap and is often content to sit for hours, Danny is able to work from home and he usually can get stuff done. I walked into the house on Thursday and was met with this cute sight!

A funny thing about the Bumbo seat is that her thighs are almost too big for it. She gets stuck everytime and we have to pull it off of her. Personally, I LOVE her chubby thighs... and hands for that matter. Her thighs in action... oh, and disregard my weird face, I'm not sure what I was doing but she obviously was not entertained.

Lastly, here is Mary in her monthly picture on the brown ottoman: 5 months, followed by her 2 month, just for some comparison.


Becs said...

Now that I have seen her (and next to my own baby for comparison) I know what a cute little chunky monkey she is, but the pics just don't do the rolls justice!

The whole point of your post was overshadowed by her thighs being too big for her Bumbo... how stinkin' cute!

Its so hard to leave them. For me it never gets/got easier... but at least its just a bit and she is in good hands. Same with Delaney over here!

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Boston fall! I miss that! (Well, I guess it technically starts tomorrow)

Sarah said...

So cute!!

BTW, this is Danny's sister Kim's best buddy, Sarah :)

Anyway, Mary is adorable! Congrats to you both. (Baby girls rock:)

carrie said...

my favorite part of that blog is that mary only has one sock on... dads. :)

danny said...

You know, Carrie, it's possible that only one foot was cold.