Sunday, October 25, 2009

mimi and papa

My parents came in town last weekend and we had a great time, despite the terrible weather. Mary, along with all of us, have been pretty under the weather lately, so excuse her sick little eyes. :) Amazingly, she was happy as a clam being dragged around all over Boston.

We did a lot of shopping, playing with Mary, eating and a little running. My dad and I were supposed to run a half marathon together.... they really wanted to see Mary, but the race was a good excuse. Sunday morning we get up at 6am, drive half way there and stop to see just how hard it was raining. We ended up getting breakfast and driving home. Yep, we just skipped our race! I kind of felt like a wimp but it was my 10th day of being sick and I was certain that 13 miles in 39 degree, rainy weather wouldn't help. But, the next day was beautiful and we did our 13 miles around the Charles River. It was a good time. Our big goal is the Disney Marathon in January... and we won't skip out on that no matter what the conditions are... right dad?!?!

We love when mimi and papa come to visit! Thanks so much for coming and come back soon. Mary misses you already!!

p.s. nice spandex, dad!


Jami Nato said...

look at you! man, i would love to run a half marathon. one day.when i get in shape.

Gibsons said...

I never knew your dad's legs were so skinny!!