Thursday, November 5, 2009

at the park

We have a park down the street from our house. We haven't be there too much (since Mary doesn't do much moving and "playing"), but we did go on a little walk and we tried out the big kid swing... it's actually the baby swing, but it's bigger than the one she has at home. I think her favorite thing about the swing is the fact that we are there talking to her each time she comes our way. It's fun.

And, here she is modeling the cute new purple dress from Mimi. Thanks, Mimi!


The Lingley's said...

She is the most ADORABLE girl EVER!!! i am just so in LOVE with her cheeks! i can't wait to meet her!! You, little Ms. Marry and i will DEFINITELY have to get together while you're here for Christmas!

lisa said...

thanks jenny! :) the cheeks are pretty fun! I know, we do need to get together. i bet you are looking all cute and preggo! hope it is going well! you're going to love it! can't wait to meet your little guy!