Monday, November 9, 2009

My Wife Took My Daughter on Vacation, and All I Have Are These Pictures

We often try to have a theme for a post: playing in the leaves, going to a park, visiting family, etc. This post's theme is: Lisa and Mary left me for the weekend so I've been left to fend for myself. You're probably thinking I'm referring to food (and you'd be partially right), but that also applies to Mary time. So, I've picked out a few pics with little-to-no connection to each other that probably won't end up in another post anytime soon.

The first two are from time hanging out on her blanket (thanks, Aunt Kim!). The second of these is from when Aunt Karen and I were trying to get her to crawl. You can probably tell by the expression on her face how well that went over.

The next one was taken by my mother (note: we need to come up with a "grandma" name for my mother, suggestions wanted) when we were at Cousin Ryan's house a few weeks back.

The last two are just a couple of my favorites.


Bruce and Morgan said...

In that smiling picture she looks SO MUCH like Lisa. Wow!

I love her cheeeeeeeeeeeks in that last one. Will I get to squeeze those cheeks next year in Germany?

danny said...

We were undecided about Germany, but now that we know you want to squeeze her cheeks, we'll make sure it happens.

I can't believe I haven't seen Elijah in such a long time, and have never even met Jonas. Sad. Then again, I also have no blog updates to tide me over...

Jami Nato said...

hilarious. love that last pic!