Saturday, February 27, 2010

funny faces...

Mary has become quite expressive these days.  She gets really excited about things, anything really, and makes some funny faces.  You'll notice a few trends in these pictures: her right eye squints closed and she bites her bottom lip a lot. 

And, we'll end with a sweet face... just so you don't think she's always goofy.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Winter is long here in New England which means we're in the house a lot!  I'm ready for some temperatures above 25 but for now we're keeping ourselves entertained inside... though, I will say, Mary and I still go for runs.  Don't worry Mom, she's very bundled.  :)  

While I'm tutoring in the morning Danny has begun teaching Mary some basic Bible knowledge, she is really enjoying Fee and Stuart's book these days.  

Danny and I have had many conversations about what sports we want our children to play.  We agree basketball is an option, so we're starting her early... hoping that she learns to play strong and sloppy, like her uncle Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics.  And, yes, that is our TV out of the closet for the special game, with bunny ears on top!

Mary's hair is starting to grow, which means she has bed head almost everytime she wakes up.  We like it and it seems like she does too.

Last weekend we wanted to have some friends over for dinner, which can be quite the challenge since most of our friends have babies.  So, we had an idea... and it turned out to be brilliant.  You can't see everyone at the table, but we're all sitting without babies on our laps peacefully enjoying our adult meal.  Where are the babies, you might ask... look very closely in the background and there are our children.  We put them each in some kind of seat to keep them restrained, put the computer on the coffee table and put in the "Praise Baby" DVD.  Take a look at the close up... they sat there in love with the music, kids, animals, and nature.  It was awesome.  If you have babies you really should look into it!   

Mary, Jude and Lily loving Praise Baby!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's growing up on us...

It has been awhile since we've given an update on Mary. So, this will be a review of her new tricks since Christmas. She started kind of crawling then and is all over the place now... which is fun around our not-so-childproof house. She likes to follow me from room to room and gets excited each time she sees me in a new one. It's cute.

Mary also started pulling up on everything and standing last week. She will move her hands on and off of her support (whether that is me, the couch or the table), keeping her big, concentrated grin featured below. She likes to see how long she can stand alone and gets very proud of herself everytime.

She also got two teeth this month. That was fun for everyone in the family. :) Here she is giving a sneak peak of her pearly whites. You have to look VERY closely, they're still pretty tiny.

Mary also loves to play. It is so fun to watch her learn new "games." Danny will dangle one of her toys on his ear or put it on his head and call her name... she starts breathing really hard and goes after the toy like she's conquering Mt. Everest. Good times. She's also getting very ticklish... and here we are having fun with that. **I had just finished a run and Danny so lovingly featured my spandex at the end of the clip... ignore that!