Monday, June 14, 2010

just like daddy...

A few days ago Danny put his shirt on Mary to see what she would do... well, she loved it! Now, she goes to the bedroom, grabs his shirt off the bed (sometimes he doesn't put things away), brings it to us and grunts until we put it on her. It's really funny to see her try to do things in it! She loses her hands and feet all of the time... it's pretty cute.

not sure what our goofy girl is doing in this picture.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fun weekend...

We had a wonderful and busy Memorial Day Weekend! Mary was quite the trooper. We're mastering the art of "transferring" so that we can stay out past Mary's bedtime. We put her to sleep in her tent where ever we are, put her in the carseat when we're ready to go and "transfer" her to her crib. It worked beautifully this weekend and allowed us to remain social. :) Thanks, Mary!

Sunday was a big day for me (Lisa). I ran the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon. It was rough but I finished! I signed up for it BEFORE I knew I was pregnant... but decided to go for it after I found I was with child. I was a bit slower than usual and in pain most of the way... but the good news is that it's done and I'm not in pain anymore! There were 8 others from my church that ran it so it was fun to be with everyone.... and though 9 of us where there we have no pictures to show for it. Oh well. It was fun but will be my last race for awhile!

Lastly, Mary went "swimming" at her friend's house yesterday. Mary and Lily love eachother... it's really cute! Here are so pictures of the girls from the afternoon.

and my personal favorite....