Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Animals... unfortunately she likes them

I am not exactly an animal lover... don't hate them and would never hurt one, just don't think I want one of my own. Mary loves them. Papa likes them too; he grew up on a farm so he isn't sicked out by smelly goats.

Mary also LOVED these dogs when we were in Texas last week! She would scream in excitement every time she saw them outside.

Speaking of Texas, we went to see my best friend Amy (above) and her adorable new baby, Harper. It was great to get some time with her and get to know her new little baby girl. Spending time with the tiny baby made me excited to have one in a few months... which is good! :) Mary seemed to really like her too... and was slowly grasping the idea of being gentle.


Sarah said...

Pink chucks!

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm one of Auntie Kimmy's best friends. I have a daughter who is almost 4 and rocked her very own hi-top pink chucks. She outgrew them and we're on to red one stars now.

And Indonesia! Seriously - Kim never tells me anything. Travel safe and try not to melt!! :)

Andy and Emily said...

We love Mary! She's not weird... just unique :)