Tuesday, September 28, 2010


At one time I could sit Mary anywhere and this would happen....

Not the case these days. We have so much fun with our little toddler, but it isn't always easy. I'm getting a little bigger these days (pictures to come) and feeling a little more worn out by lugging my 26 lb. "baby" around. Sometimes I just want a break, you know? Today I worked during her nap time so I didn't get the desired break and Danny teaches this evening so no break then.

BUT, this evening was a gift from God and I am thankful! Mary was so wonderful. I sat on the couch and did some sewing (onesies for baby boy) while Mary played on the floor for over an hour by herself. She put her animal cards in and out of her purse over and over again... I would get excited with her each time she would dump them out and she'd do it all over again. I just sat there thanking God for our fun little girl and for the break that God graciously gave me. It was such a relaxing evening for me and I loved just watching her play. She's gets so excited about the littlest things. I am thankful that God gave me just what I needed tonight and reminded me how blessed we are to have Mary. She brings so much joy to my heart and I'm thankful for each day with her!

Old School

Once in a while, we turn back the clock and revisit the old days. In this case, while visiting Grandma and Grandpa Pierce, Mary had the treat of sitting in her Daddy's old high chair from when he was her age. In fact, this high char was first used with Uncle Kevin, who is significantly older than I am. In case you were wondering, high chairs still work after 37 years, with no more padding on the seat and metal pieces that could easily pinch a finger (seriously, how did we ever survive back in the Stone Age?!?!?!).

The last person in the family to use this was Karen, which would have been over 25 years ago. Why does my mom still have it? Well, because she knew she'd have grandkids in a couple decades, which she did. And she also probably figured we'd forget our portable high chair, which we did. Pack rat? Never. 'Prudent' is the word you're looking for. Or maybe 'prophetic.'

Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Reunion

As you can imagine, it's hard to get an entire family of people together, especially when my family has 6 kids living in 4 different states (granted, it's New England, so no one's that far). Not to get all over-dramatic on anyone, but there's a good chance this will be the last time we all get together for a few years, as some of us are moving to various parts of the world. On Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, Cousin Ryan hosted everyone; here are some pics.
Here are Mary and Ryan, chilling in the house after a nice swim.

I won't bother trying to tell you who everyone is, suffice to say it's all of Mary's uncles and aunts from my side, grandparents, great-grandmothers and a great uncle and aunt. And of course, Cousin Ryan. Not too shabby. And we're all more-or-less looking at the camera.

This is 4 generations on the Ryan side of the family.

And here are 4 generations on the Pierce side.

Granny does a great job listening to Mary's stories. Looks like a good one.

Mary and Mommy hanging out (I think Mary was changing into/out of her swim suit, hence no shirt).

Mary offering hugs to Cody, Cousin Ryan's dog.

It was a fun time, as always. I would have posted more pictures of Mary and Ryan, but most of them together were when they were swimming, and Ryan was wearing his birthday suit. =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Old Now, Still Cute

This is a video from mid-May. I had completely forgotten about it, then rediscovered it the other night when Mary and I watched videos together. She likes to see what she was like when she was little. Anyway, here you go.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lunch time

Mary and Lily had lunch together like big girls today. They were given the same meal for lunch, but Mary insisted on reaching onto Lily's plate to get food. I think she thought it was awesome to have another plate within reach. We anticipate many lunch dates with Meghan and Lily this fall!

And here's Mary ready for her morning walk. I mean, I just have to say it... She looks so Asian! I love it! :) Hopefully that will help her fit in a little better while growing up in Indonesia!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's the camera?

I have a new habit of hiding the camera these days. Why, you ask. Because, if I accidentally leave it within Mary's viewing range, she immediately wants me to take pictures of her... like 57 pictures at a time! She now poses for them... some poses are cuter than others... as you can see!

I'm hoping that this "smile" is not the new normal when we say "cheese!" Oh, and don't mind her outfit (she loves those beads, even if she does have on her boy night shirt).

She also wants to see the picture on the camera... so she "ruins" about half of the pictures because she is reaching for the camera before the picture is taken.

On another note, I start tutoring this week. It's only a few hours a day but it will still be a big change from staying home with Mary all day. Not only because I won't be with her all day, but also because I will actually have to "get ready" everyday. I've enjoyed the luxury of going "natural" this summer (as you can see in the above picture)... there is just no need for make-up when my days consist of the park, a play date and target, you know?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mimi and Papa

Mimi and Papa came for a quick visit last weekend. Mary absolutely LOVES them! She would wake up and hop in bed with them every morning. They love to play with her so it was a nice little break for me and danny. One night we got take out at our favorite resturant (Giacommos... it's a must go if you're ever in Boston) and had a little picnic downtown. The weather here is beautiful so we're getting all of the time outside that we can!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010