Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's the camera?

I have a new habit of hiding the camera these days. Why, you ask. Because, if I accidentally leave it within Mary's viewing range, she immediately wants me to take pictures of her... like 57 pictures at a time! She now poses for them... some poses are cuter than others... as you can see!

I'm hoping that this "smile" is not the new normal when we say "cheese!" Oh, and don't mind her outfit (she loves those beads, even if she does have on her boy night shirt).

She also wants to see the picture on the camera... so she "ruins" about half of the pictures because she is reaching for the camera before the picture is taken.

On another note, I start tutoring this week. It's only a few hours a day but it will still be a big change from staying home with Mary all day. Not only because I won't be with her all day, but also because I will actually have to "get ready" everyday. I've enjoyed the luxury of going "natural" this summer (as you can see in the above picture)... there is just no need for make-up when my days consist of the park, a play date and target, you know?


Emily said...

I like that she's wearing pearls. She is such a Chi Omega! ha!

Sarah said...

The 2nd one screams "I'm a Pierce!!" - heheh :D

lisa said...

She does love her pearls... just like her mama! :) she's a baby hooter in the making.