Saturday, November 27, 2010

just waiting...

Luke was due yesterday. Like I said before, I had no anticipation of him actually arriving on time. So Mary is just lounging around, waiting for baby brother. Yeah, this is how we caught her sleeping a few nights ago.

This actually has been a really fun and special time for us as a family. Mary has been extra fun; she is getting quite the little personality and often thinks she's really funny. Though I can't wait to meet Luke and welcome him into our family, I have really enjoyed this time of not working and getting some good, fun time with Mary... and the holiday has allowed Danny to be home with us, which is an extra treat! So, no I am not dying to get him out of me... I will probably feel that way in about a week, but for not my discomfort is bearable and I'm enjoying this restful time. It also helps that Danny is doing about everything around the house and caring for Mary (he's always helpful, but he's especially helpful now)... I mean, why would I want anything to change?!? :)

My big belly is under Mary... it isn't hidden very easily these days, but here she's doing a great job!

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Sarah B. said...

Dannnnny do this... lol