Monday, December 6, 2010

at the hospital

We are now home with our little guy and having a fun time being a family of four. But, here are a few pictures from the hospital. Mimi and Mary with Luke... Mary has continued to kiss Luke about every 5 minutes. She is really into him!

Grandma (Danny's mom) with baby Luke.

Here is Mary and one of her best friends, Lily. Lily, her mom and dad came to visit us. Mary and Lily were all over the place.... they both brought their "babies" and got blankets from the nurses so they could be swaddled like baby Luke. Here they are in the chair eating ice... and kissing.

Headed home.

And, lastly, here is an upclose picture of his cute little face. He has been wonderful these first four days of his life. He seems to be a content little guy, which I'm hoping stays throughout his baby-hood. :)

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Janna said...

So sweet!! I love the pictures! You are putting all new moms to shame posting pictures on your blog as soon as you get home from the hospital. :)