Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Pierces!

Family pictures are rough with so many kids so this is the best we could do! This is the night that Santa comes to my parents' house to visit all 50 Larkins that come to celebrate. It's a great time! Unfortunately Mary would not go near Santa until he was walking out the door, when she decided a high five was appropriate. So, we have no pictures of Mary and Santa but Luke didn't seem too bothered by Santa.

Mary and Luke had a great time with their cousins, Kate, Will and Hudson! Mary loved playing with all of the big kids and following them around as if she was as big as them. The kids all loved baby Luke!

This picture completely captures Mary's feelings for Will... she was obsessed with him! She would yell his name all day long and be SO excited every time she saw him. Of the three cousins, he was the least interested in her.... of course.

Don't mind Luke's crossed eyes... he's only three weeks old. :)

For some reason Mary was NOT into this picture with the cousins... as you can see from the first picture. But, we had a little talk and I told her she could sit by baby Luke and she was a little more compliant. The second picture is right after Papa made his cow sound... which she obviously gets very excited about... every time he does it!

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