Friday, January 21, 2011

the little things...

a few random things...

First of all, Tuesday we tried to potty train Mary. I told myself I would give it three days and see if she caught on, but wasn't worried if she didn't. We'll just try again in a few months. Well, after a mere 7 waking hours... I quit. Why you ask? Well, because she peed 23 times in 7 hours and only THREE were in the potty!!! That's right. She would be sitting on the potty for five minutes, reading and what not, get up and 30 seconds later pee all over the floor 6 inches from the potty she was just sitting on. Anyways, we'll try again later. Glad that's over! :)
Secondly, I have a little story of God's kindness. It has been kind of a rough few days for me, and Danny, I think. Just really busy, haven't had ANY time to connect or enjoy one another, every night is filled with some task that just has to be done, and I have just been overwhelmed and feeling like a bit of a failure. I'm okay, I'm just being honest. God really encouraged me yesterday through scripture and other people... and this random situation. I was pulling into Trader Joes and there were about 6 cars in line to get into the parking lot. I had a quick thought to God "please give me a parking spot in here." Not a big deal and I never really pray for things like that. Right away the parking attendent waved me in the exit (bypassing the six cars waiting for spots in the parking lot) and gave me the closest spot to the entrance. The parking spot wasn't really a big deal... but it was just the simple kindness of God. He was reminding me that He is present, knows me and cares deeply about the little things in my life. He has promised me over and over again that He will give me all that I need during this time... and He continues to be faithful.

Lastly, here's a little video of Mary "reading." She is so fun and funny these days! Here's a bit of her personality. My favorite part is when she falls at the end... I'ver rewinded it many times to see her funny, annoyed face! Cracks me up!

All is well with the kids... Mary is always so kind to Luke and he started smiling at her last night. It was SO sweet! He had a big, goofy grin staring right at her. I love them!

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Janna said...

So glad you could see God's kindness, even in the little things. Sometimes those are the best reminders of His presence and compassion. :) And I'm proud of you for not pushing the potty-training thing. There's only so many times one Mama can handle cleaning pee off the floor in a day. ;)