Tuesday, January 11, 2011

so much fun!

Mary is so fun these days! This post will be all about her. After wondering what in the world I do with this newborn, I realized that I don't do a great job at recording what my kids are doing at different ages. I wish I had written down how much Mary slept, when/how much I fed her, etc. Anyways, I'm going to make a record of what this fun big kid is doing these days.

We're basically at home most of the time.... since it's winter and I have a newborn. But, now that we're back in town and I've mastered being a parent of two :) I have big plans to get Mary out of the house. Anyways...

This is Mary's puckering up face. She loves to give kisses, especially to her baby brother! She kisses him all day long! She is very into Luke these days and has been nothing but sweet to him. When he has milk on his face after eating she says "uhh oh" and finds the burp cloth to wipe it off. She is also into giving him his pacifier the moment he starts crying. She loves him.

Mary loves to be outside ALL THE TIME! Unfortunately we live in Boston and it's too cold to be outside for long right now. But, she knows that... every time we go outside now she says "burr," which she learned from Mimi when it dropped to 50 in FL (hence the hat in the pictures from Florida below).

She is also still very into animals... I think she knows as many animal sounds as she does words.... though the words are catching up quickly. You can see the cows in the background of this picture, we took a little visit to my uncles "farm" while in Sarasota.

"Can you be done taking pictures of me, mama!"

That's my girl. Hope she learns to play and love basketball even though she'll be growing up in Indonesia! And I like that she has a cute little dress on while playing basketball.

A few more Mary stats:

**She is very fickle about what she eats, but she usually loves rice chex, avocado, pomegranate seeds, frozen blueberries, she will eat anything if i put it in plain yogurt and anything with peanut butter.
**She loves to read books. She will often sit by herself and "read" for 20 minutes. Yesterday she brought her stack of books next to the potty... she learned that from daddy.
**She loves to run (usually moving her arms really fast but not increasing her speed), jump (which means she lifts one leg up), and throw balls.
**She loves to look at pictures and videos on the computer. Pictures of RyRy, other cousins and her little friends. Videos of herself, animals on youtube (she does that with daddy) or videos of kids singing songs.
**She usually goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 and wakes up around 9am.... and she takes a nap from 1:30-4.
**She's pretty goofy... sometimes we will just watch her and think she is so weird. She now knows when she is being funny and will do something to make you laugh. It's cute!
**She loves Granny and Mike (a good friend of ours), possibly her two favorite people on earth.

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Andy and Emily said...

I love the Mary Stats! She is the sweetest girl around! Glad you'll start recording this seemingly "mundane" facts from now on. I'm sure they'll be treasures someday. Love you!