Wednesday, February 23, 2011

adventures at walgreens

a few weeks ago, while in boston, we took a family trip to walgreens to get the entire family passport pictures for our indonesia visa application. we don't do much since it's so cold, so i occasionally take mary to the mall or target for the sole purpose of letting her run around. it's her winter "playground." walgreens might be our new hotspot... she really liked the little game she created. a game i like to call "find a seat in the aisle for the hello kitty dolls".... she took about 9 off the display rack and placed them all throughout the aisle... as seen below.

here is a video of her "playing". if you know mary at all, she has a special thing for men or boys... stares at them in elevators, becomes friends with them instantly, you know. in the video she is on her way to get the next doll and gets distracted by a young boy. she tries to entice him with a doll but he obviously is awkward around kids and has no idea what to do... so he just walks away, rejecting my little girl.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunset picnic

tonight my mom made a picnic dinner for everyone and we went out to a park on the water to watch the sunset. florida is just so beautiful this time of year! it is great!

family picture

mary with her mimi and papa

this is my older brother, luke, and his family... kelley (wife), kate, will and hudson. they are such fun cousins for mary... and make us laugh a lot too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


we are in florida and so happy to be here! we love seeing family and we especially love all of the time to play outside! it has been perfect weather. mary has been outside about 5-6 hours a day... she plays with the basketball, wants to go on walks and wants to sit in the driver's seat of the car. for some odd reason, she loves sitting in the car... and if anyone else comes into the garage she wants them to join her. it's been fun! here are some pictures of her hanging outside at my parent's house. she's waving to an airplane flying by. :)

though i'm a florida girl i typically hate the beach. we have some friends from boston vacationing in sarasota so we went to their condo and had a great time at the beach today. mary wasn't that into the sand, but loved the water.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

dear friends...

we had to say good bye to some of our dear friends tonight. joy has been one of my closest friends since i was a freshman in college.... she has seen me through all my "stages" throughout the years and i'm pretty sure she's pleased that i no longer wear the hideous zebra cowboy hat that i thought was cool in college. i'm not sure why she stuck around as my friend for so long, but i am more thankful than i could ever express. okay, enough about that or i might loose it. she isn't leaving until saturday so i'll cross that bridge when i get there.

tonight we had to say goodbye to her sweet little girls... and it broke my heart more than i thought it would. i realize that in a year mary won't remember them leaving but it is still so sad. joy is a particularly special friend to me, she has mentored me and believed in me for so many years, and when i was in college i would have never dreamt that we would have girls the same age that get to actually live day to day life together. it's just so sweet. okay okay... i've got to stop. i want my kids to look back at this blog and remember their childhood... the first two years of mary's life wouldn't be the same without the phillips!

ellie and her daddy, travis, visiting mary the day we came home from the hospital

ellie came to visit us many times those first few weeks of mary's life... here she is showing her fun personality, playing with my mom's jewelry

mary and gracie at the park

i think this good bye would have been a lot easier about four months ago. in the past few months mary has fallen in love with gracie. whenever we're trying to get out the door for church or faithgroup we motivate mary by saying "let's go see gracie!" recently, she has been saying "gracie!" about half the time we get in car to go somewhere. she loves her little friend.

mary and gracie on a walk one summer night

at the park with ellie

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


this is mary playing "peek-a-boo" with danny's red sox hat. she loves to wear his hats! i like her expression, it is the perfect picture of her excited face... which she has a lot!

we had a missions conference at our church this weekend and it was wonderful! it was this time last year that we committed to go to indonesia and now we're just a few months from our (hopeful) departure date! danny's parents came up to be a part of it. we had a few breaks so we were able to spend a little time with them. here is luke and grandma hanging out.

mary's obsession with granny has not dwindled since she was a tiny... she has always had a special thing for granny. she is constantly kissing her and always wants to be sitting with her. it's cute and kind of weird.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

two months old...

luke is two months old... crazy! he is getting more and more fun by the day! in fact, danny was with the kids last night (girls night out!) and he said that mary was shaking luke's hand and he was kind of laughing. sad i missed it, but i got a little chuckle out of him tonight again. love it!

I have been wanting to write about a day in my life... when i first had luke i was thinking, i have NO idea what i'm doing... i wish i'd written things down with mary. so, i'm recording it... and please feel free to not read this LONG text. it's for me, for my next 8 kids. :)

6am, luke wakes up to eat and then we go back to bed. 7:45 i try to get up to have a devotional time. 9am mary and luke wake up for the day. at this point luke basically goes in three hour cycles... he is awake for a little over an hour (eats, get talked to or swings) and then goes to sleep for about 1.5 hours. it isn't perfect, but that is the ideal. he eats at 6, 9, 12, 3, 5:30, 8:30 and 11pm (which is all very round about... like today when i forgot about him and he slept an hour later than i intended him to). he goes down for the night around 9:30 and then i feed him one more time before i go down for the night around 12. i can't wait for him to sleep more... i hate going to bed that late!

mary naps from about 1:30-4pm everyday and usually goes to bed around 8:30, but sometimes she stays up until 10pm, like tonight since we had our small group. :) she's pretty flexible. so in the mornings we usually have a little playdate or something with friends... though lately with all of the snow we've been cooped inside. when it's warm we went to the park almost everyday. in the afternoon we don't usually have plans... we play, i try to cook dinner while mary sits on the counter and plays with all of her kitchen stuff. most nights we have something (dinner with friends, small group, family night) so we get the kids ready for that.

danny is wonderful about watching the kids to make sure i get time that i need for things like girl time and running. so, basically my day to day seems pretty boring... but i always feel busy! i love being at home with my two kids. oh, and i usually brush my teeth by noon and try to get out of my pjs before danny gets home from work.

we plan to use these two pictures for their "save the date" in 25 years. this is luke and emily phillips (daughter of joy and travis)... they were holding hands and then she fell willingly into his arms or onto his buddha belly ... not just because she's three weeks old and can't sit up, it's because they love each other.