Wednesday, February 23, 2011

adventures at walgreens

a few weeks ago, while in boston, we took a family trip to walgreens to get the entire family passport pictures for our indonesia visa application. we don't do much since it's so cold, so i occasionally take mary to the mall or target for the sole purpose of letting her run around. it's her winter "playground." walgreens might be our new hotspot... she really liked the little game she created. a game i like to call "find a seat in the aisle for the hello kitty dolls".... she took about 9 off the display rack and placed them all throughout the aisle... as seen below.

here is a video of her "playing". if you know mary at all, she has a special thing for men or boys... stares at them in elevators, becomes friends with them instantly, you know. in the video she is on her way to get the next doll and gets distracted by a young boy. she tries to entice him with a doll but he obviously is awkward around kids and has no idea what to do... so he just walks away, rejecting my little girl.


Sarah B. said...

Welcome me as the newest huge fan of the blog... I'm finding myself somewhere between saying "hilarious" and "typical" in response to the entire Hello Kitty adventure...

Way to go Bean... good work!

Emily said...

HILarious! Mary is sooo funny! I love her affinity for boys and men. I love the hide the doll game, too!