Wednesday, March 30, 2011


sometimes i call luke my little meatball... i mean, look at that adorable meatball head. love him. today we went to the park and luke had his first go at the swing. he was pretty indifferent but mary really liked that she could push him.

Monday, March 28, 2011


look at my "new" blender and blocks!

we have a pretty small apartment so mary's first christmas we decided that we would always put some of mary's toys in the basement so that our house isn't too cluttered... then we can pull out old toys and she'll think they're new! :) so, today i rotated her toys. most of them she hasn't played with in almost a year... and she was SO occupied by them! it was awesome! i highly suggest it to all parents.

and, here is her cute brother watching her play.

Friday, March 25, 2011


"Bible, Bible, Bible loves MMEEE! yeeaahhh!" This is what we heard from Mary after we put her to bed last night.... for about 15 minutes. She was singing "Jesus loves me." She cheered after she finished everytime because that is what we do. It was so sweet to hear. She's not quite theologically there (it's not actually the Bible that loves her, it's Jesus), but we're getting there. :) Our sweet girl.


we went to connecticut to visit danny's family and had a fun outing to a children's museum. mary loved all of the different things to play with...

she took dada on a spin in the boat

she ate lunch in the play kitchen... and yes, i realize she shouldn't actually have that in her mouth and that my mom is going to be really grossed out because it probably has germs all over it. she's a kid. i can't help it. :)

and she kissed the camel. there was a pyramid area... she wasn't into the sand, but i had her kiss the camel in honor of her auntie kim who lives in a dessert in africa. we miss you, kim!

luke hung out with grandma most of the time, which he enjoys a lot. and, mary came around to check on him (and kiss him) every once in awhile.

thanks for taking us to the museum, grandma (or papu, as mary said all week... i wonder if that's going to stick?!?!).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Mi and Ba"

we had another sad night around the pierce house. mike and beth are our closest friends here in boston and they left tonight... to move to colorado. tear. kind of makes me sick to think about, really.

beth has been a dear friend to me, so sacrificial in the way she loves me and serves my family. she has been so consistent in my life, has thoughtfully asked me questions and has freely given of herself to help me... in everything. now that i think about it, we don't have a ton of common interests, in fact, we always talk about how we wouldn't have been friends in college... but somehow the Lord has drawn us into deep friendship based on more than hobbies. beth can make bakery quality cakes and should be an event planner and i sometimes use paper plates at dinner parties. :) we really are good for one another! i love her.

danny and mike like all of the same random stuff, like nacho libre, bacon, nature shows and ong-bak: thai warrior. wierd, i know! oh and they love talking sport, politics and religion. we laugh a lot together; it's just fun. our friendship is so wonderful, so easy! both of the guys are extremely flexible and like hanging out, so beth and i planned dinner together at least three nights a week. we really lived life together.

one of the things i am most thankful for is the way that mike and beth love our children! they know her and love her like we do. aside from family, they really are her two favorite people. i want mary to always know how much mike and beth love her and how much she loves them in return. example, this morning i walked into her room to get her out of bed and she looked up at me and said "mi?" really, mary!?! mike was the first thing on her mind... and this is very typical! they really are like family to her. everytime someone comes to the door she says "ba?" she expects them to be around and loves it. it breaks my heart to think that she is going to ask for them everyday and wonder where they went. i know, she won't remember the sadness like i will, but i know she will wonder where they went.

mary's first 80's party!

the day we got home from the hospital with mary

i have to be honest... i have thought too many times tonight, "why God!?!" sometimes i wonder why we can't all just stay in boston and live a life following God here. after my irrational thoughts, i come back to the truth that God is good, that He is faithful and that He does have a great purpose for each of us, but also for the people that we will live life with on the other side of the globe. though i'm so sad tonight, i'm also so thankful. i love my life in boston... i love my wonderful husband and children, our way too small apartment, my church, my friends, the endless memories and growth that have happened here. this is home to our family. i will be so sad to leave this place but so thankful that i was blessed enough to live life here with these people. God is so kind to us.


**Luke loves you too, but he just wasn't around for much picture taking. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

our guy

our big, happy guy at 3 months old.

yesterday was a nice day so we went outside a lot! it was great! mary has a new love for our new double stroller. she talks the whole time, telling me all that she sees and acknowledging every runner that passes by doing a little arm pump.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

back home

it's been fun to be back home in boston. we've done a lot of catching up and hanging out with our good friends. mary has a lot of little friends her age around here, but one of her favorites is lily! they play all of the time together... which is nice because lily's mom is one of my closest friends (we were friends first). :)

lily is about to be a big sister as well... she has gotten some practice helping me take care of luke. she LOVES him! she is much more cuddly than mary (unless you are playing a game with mary or putting her to bed, you have about 7 seconds to cuddle) and likes to just cuddle up with luke and hold his ear. yeah, sounds funny but she does. it's her comfort thing. she holds mine all of the time... mary has no tolerance for such things so i volunteer my ear. it's cute!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


the legs aren't the focal point of this picture, but they are my favorite part. little sausages. sad to be back in boston where i won't see them for the next few months. blasted winter. here's a close up of the legs, just so you really see the beauty! notice how the socks cut into the plump. love it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

mary loves...

mimi and papa!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 month smiles and "ssssiide"

luke was 3 months old yesterday... happy 3 months to my little man! what's new now that he's 3 months old? well, he is smiling a lot more, starting to really laugh (particularly at his big cousin, kate), he sleeps about 9 1/2 hours at night and he is almost down to eating only 5 times a day! :) and, he has kept his blue eyes so far!

though mary looks like she is hitting her mimi, she is really trying to tickle her. she thinks she's so funny!

she loves to run these days! here she is racing papa down the driveway... something she loves to do.

michael and kathryn came over to visit... she loves them!

mary loves being "side" all day long! yesterday i brought her books out on the driveway and we sat there and read for awhile. she usually likes to run, swing, climb or her new favorite is playing in the cars... i needed a break so reading was my idea.