Friday, March 25, 2011


we went to connecticut to visit danny's family and had a fun outing to a children's museum. mary loved all of the different things to play with...

she took dada on a spin in the boat

she ate lunch in the play kitchen... and yes, i realize she shouldn't actually have that in her mouth and that my mom is going to be really grossed out because it probably has germs all over it. she's a kid. i can't help it. :)

and she kissed the camel. there was a pyramid area... she wasn't into the sand, but i had her kiss the camel in honor of her auntie kim who lives in a dessert in africa. we miss you, kim!

luke hung out with grandma most of the time, which he enjoys a lot. and, mary came around to check on him (and kiss him) every once in awhile.

thanks for taking us to the museum, grandma (or papu, as mary said all week... i wonder if that's going to stick?!?!).

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Becs said...

That food picture is classic! Ha ha, your mom will be grossed out! lol