Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i feel like mary is my little buddy these days. she is so enjoyable to be around (except sometimes when we're with other two year olds... then it's a LOT of "training" moments on how to share and be nice). but, i love hanging out with her; she makes me laugh so hard sometimes. i'm trying to be more intentional about doing some kind of activity with her since she's really starting to learn and be interested in new things. a few days ago it was baking. she LOVED it! she stirred and stirred that cornbread (while i snapped photos) and was so proud....

though i gave her the biggest bowl i have, she still missed a bit... and didn't like that she got dirty so she dr0pped the box in the batter to clean herself off. she still has a little bit to learn about baking. oh, and she also wanted to sample everything she was putting in... she was saying "money bite?" (remember, "money" means mary).

Monday, April 25, 2011


we are thankful for all that Christ's death and resurrection mean for us: cleansing from our sin, hope to live a life of freedom and joy here on earth, adoption into the family of God, the promise that God will one day ultimately destroy death and destruction, and eternity with our Savior. we are thankful to be loved by such a marvelous and gracious God.

...and here are our new easter outfits to show it... :) i'm not sure why new, cute outfits are a tradition for easter, but we love them. thanks, mimi!

we went to danny's parent's house this weekend to have an easter dinner and celebrate mary's birthday. mary had a candle, sweet treat and gifts... it was a great time! thanks, grandma and grandpa!

"look everyone, i'm TWO!"

she didn't quite have the power to blow the candle out, but cousin ry ry came to the rescue (which he was very excited about) and blew out her candle. thanks, ry ry. too bad we didn't get any pictures with both of their faces showing... next time.

luke and dylan also really enjoyed "playing" together. can't you tell? i have high hopes that one day they will love playing together though, just like their big brother and sister.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"happy happy money"

happy happy birthday to my big girl! mary had her 2nd birthday yesterday. "happy happy money" is her version of the birthday song.... she calls herself "money." she mostly wanted to sing happy birthday to luke or ryry (her cousin) yesterday... but i think eventually got that it was her turn. unfortunately i wasn't in town for her birthday... the girls that we are moving to indonesia with took an overnight trip to NYC for some bonding. it was so fun but i did miss my girl's special day. the good news... she has no idea. no gifts, no cake, just another great day in mary's life. :) we are not against birthdays, we love our children dearly and when they get old enough to understand we will celebrate them adequately.

i adore her more and more everyday. i'm going to post about the things i love about her very soon (remember, this is for my kids)... but for now i'll leave you with my cool kid on a jog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


sick has two meanings: afflicted with illness and disgusting. often luke is both, but especially the latter. we love our dear guy, but i must confess, he is much grosser than mary... he spits up, drools, snots, has pooped out of his clothing at least half of the last thirty days... just gross.

but even with all of his fluids, i think he's adorable. and he's very advanced.... i mean, look at that bubble.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


luke loves his dada... this was him looking at him. he watchs danny all over the room and gets all giddy when danny looks his way (like i do). it's really cute. mary tries so hard to play with luke. today she handed him (laid it on his belly) a piece of paper and a pen so he could write "yute." she doesn't quite understand that he can't grab things yet. she strokes his face and lovingly says "yute." she was the first to get to him this morning when he woke up... his whining stopped immediately when i heard, "HHIIII yute!" i can't wait to see them grow up together. i see a bossy big sister in luke's future (luke can call my little brother to console him when the time comes... michael knows all about being bossed by a big sister). :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

4 months old

luke is four months old... as of two days ago. he's getting so big and fun. he is a generally happy baby. he smiles as soon as you look at him and loves to be "standing" up looking at us. he gets sad when he's left alone. it's so funny. literally, he will be laying happily on the floor with me sitting beside him... the moment i walk away he starts gripping. it's not a cry, just a yell to let me know he isn't happy without a companion. sometimes mary is that companion... which is SO cute! she always says, "hi yute!" ("yute" is luke) in the same exact sweet, baby talk tone that she hears me say it.

his sleeping arrangements have been upgraded to a bassinet from a friend's stroller (thanks, sarah). it's nice because he sleeps in our dining room at night, which is right in the middle of the apartment, so we use the shade to keep him from seeing us in the morning. i hope he can fit in it until we leave for indonesia... if not, back to the tupperware. :) mary likes to put her baby down in his bed when luke isn't sleeping... she gave baby his blanket, paci and turned the fan on for noise. she's quite the mom.

speaking of luke sleeping... here is his sleep schedule. 8:30 or 9am wake up. eat and play. 10-12pm nap time. eat and play. 2-5pm nap time. eat and play. 7-8pm nap time. eat and play and get really tired. eat again at 10pm and then off to bed. and, all that "play" time consists of laying on the floor or sitting in the bumbo drooling or... being entertained by mary.

luke enjoys being read to by big sister... what? you can't tell he's thrilled to be sitting with her and totally engaged in the story?!? he is.

lastly, a weight update.... today he weighed in at 17lb 8oz! he's a big boy!