Monday, April 4, 2011

4 months old

luke is four months old... as of two days ago. he's getting so big and fun. he is a generally happy baby. he smiles as soon as you look at him and loves to be "standing" up looking at us. he gets sad when he's left alone. it's so funny. literally, he will be laying happily on the floor with me sitting beside him... the moment i walk away he starts gripping. it's not a cry, just a yell to let me know he isn't happy without a companion. sometimes mary is that companion... which is SO cute! she always says, "hi yute!" ("yute" is luke) in the same exact sweet, baby talk tone that she hears me say it.

his sleeping arrangements have been upgraded to a bassinet from a friend's stroller (thanks, sarah). it's nice because he sleeps in our dining room at night, which is right in the middle of the apartment, so we use the shade to keep him from seeing us in the morning. i hope he can fit in it until we leave for indonesia... if not, back to the tupperware. :) mary likes to put her baby down in his bed when luke isn't sleeping... she gave baby his blanket, paci and turned the fan on for noise. she's quite the mom.

speaking of luke sleeping... here is his sleep schedule. 8:30 or 9am wake up. eat and play. 10-12pm nap time. eat and play. 2-5pm nap time. eat and play. 7-8pm nap time. eat and play and get really tired. eat again at 10pm and then off to bed. and, all that "play" time consists of laying on the floor or sitting in the bumbo drooling or... being entertained by mary.

luke enjoys being read to by big sister... what? you can't tell he's thrilled to be sitting with her and totally engaged in the story?!? he is.

lastly, a weight update.... today he weighed in at 17lb 8oz! he's a big boy!

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