Monday, April 25, 2011


we are thankful for all that Christ's death and resurrection mean for us: cleansing from our sin, hope to live a life of freedom and joy here on earth, adoption into the family of God, the promise that God will one day ultimately destroy death and destruction, and eternity with our Savior. we are thankful to be loved by such a marvelous and gracious God.

...and here are our new easter outfits to show it... :) i'm not sure why new, cute outfits are a tradition for easter, but we love them. thanks, mimi!

we went to danny's parent's house this weekend to have an easter dinner and celebrate mary's birthday. mary had a candle, sweet treat and gifts... it was a great time! thanks, grandma and grandpa!

"look everyone, i'm TWO!"

she didn't quite have the power to blow the candle out, but cousin ry ry came to the rescue (which he was very excited about) and blew out her candle. thanks, ry ry. too bad we didn't get any pictures with both of their faces showing... next time.

luke and dylan also really enjoyed "playing" together. can't you tell? i have high hopes that one day they will love playing together though, just like their big brother and sister.

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