Saturday, April 16, 2011

"happy happy money"

happy happy birthday to my big girl! mary had her 2nd birthday yesterday. "happy happy money" is her version of the birthday song.... she calls herself "money." she mostly wanted to sing happy birthday to luke or ryry (her cousin) yesterday... but i think eventually got that it was her turn. unfortunately i wasn't in town for her birthday... the girls that we are moving to indonesia with took an overnight trip to NYC for some bonding. it was so fun but i did miss my girl's special day. the good news... she has no idea. no gifts, no cake, just another great day in mary's life. :) we are not against birthdays, we love our children dearly and when they get old enough to understand we will celebrate them adequately.

i adore her more and more everyday. i'm going to post about the things i love about her very soon (remember, this is for my kids)... but for now i'll leave you with my cool kid on a jog.


Amy said...

Harper wants to borrow Mary's jeggings.

lisa said...

we can pass them along... or you can get them at kohls for $4. mary wanted to talk to harp yesterday to say thanks for calling on her special day.