Saturday, May 28, 2011

boston's public garden

we are so excited that we got to welcome some family to boston for the weekend! my parents and brother and sister-in-law, michael and kathryn, are here to enjoy the city.

mimi and papa

michael and kathryn

looks like my kids really enjoy talking to their uncle michael

make way for ducklings in the public garden... luke wanted in on the playing, can't you tell?

we have some full days of touristy stuff and eating ahead of us... and a half marathon that my dad and i will be running tomorrow. hope we make it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love...




and Jesus!

i often ask mary, "who do i love the most?" she responds... "money (mary, not $$$), yute, dada and JESUS!" it's cute.

speaking of loving danny...
as many of you know, we're moving to indonesia in a less than two months. in preparation, we have been going through everything. yesterday i found my stash of notes from danny... mainly from when we were dating/engaged (yes, the above picture is from when we were engaged.... so young and in love. we still are.). after reading his sweet notes, i sat on his lap and said to him "do you still love me with every fiber of your being?" he romantically replied, "yes, and i've gained weight since then so now i have more fibers to love you with." then he started dying laughing. he's a charmer, that danny.

**danny is a wonderful husband and shows his love in many ways... just not as many notes these days. instead he does things like clean the kitchen and watch the kids so i can have some girl time. he loves me and knows what i need. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

mary and jude

we went to the park last week with one of mary's buddies, jude knight... whose mom just happens to be one of my good friends too. mary loves being with jude because he's such a fun kid and has so much energy. she watches him and mimics everything he does.... except scratching his back. :)

doesn't this look like jude is waiting to propose to mary? ... like he has a ring behind his back and she's on a mission to get it. i think it's cute.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a possible record?

today luke had on 5 outfits... two he pooped through and two he soaked with drool and he is going to bed in a clean one. he also went through three swaddle blankets (same substances), three burp clothes and two bibs. i mean, is that even possible?!?! oh, and he spit up on his play mat, while on his belly and then slid all around in it before i saw it. awesome.

oh, just kidding.... he's not wearing a clean bedtime outfit anymore and neither are my sweatpants. he just spit up on both of us. i love him. really, i do! and i love that they play in the bed together every morning. usually they are clothed, i'm not sure why they weren't this particular morning. that's how we roll around here. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mary and lily

this is mary and lily. they are great buds and have been since, well, they weren’t even a thought in our minds. meghan, lily’s mom, and i lived together when we were engaged and have walked through these fun stages of life together. they now have a baby boy (sam) also. the girls love each other, and especially love one another’s baby brothers. yes, we are constantly talking about sharing and refereeing them, but i know that if they had the capacity to be selfless (which one day they will) they would be to one another. :) lily is really affectionate and mary concedes occasionally. this is evidence.

my sweet girl on the big kid swing... with stickers on her sausage legs. love.

perfect picture of lily's fun, spunky personality.

this isn't a great picture but it is one of my favorite memories of them actually playing together, like really interacting and entertaining one another. they were playing "boo" at the park and lily would turn her head around and make mary laugh. they died laughing for about 10 minutes. it was SO cute!

this will be them again in 15 years, driving down the road together talking. most likely there will be only one steering wheel (and which side of the car it is on will depend on if we're still living in indonesia or if we're back in the states) and hopefully one of them will be looking at the road when they are driving. hopefully.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

a few things that i have been thankful for recently....

**how God has worked all things out for my brother and his family.... looks like i will be meeting my zambian niece soon. we love you, baby zoe! this means more than you know to me!

**after crying for awhile in his bed, i went to calm luke down.... he held my finger and fell asleep within 2 minutes. it was so sweet... not something i want to happen everyday but so sweet. :)

**giving danny and i needed time together to prepare emotionally and physically for our coming move to indonesia

**mary's growing vocabulary. she is constantly making me laugh.

**the 20 minutes that mary wants luke in her crib every morning after they wake up. he just lays there while she plays and sings to him while i sit on the rocker drinking my coffee. love it.

**the weather this week.... playing outside, beautiful morning long runs with a good friend, and time on the porch (where these pictures were taken).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mi Madre...

My mom and Granny at our wedding.

I've been on an untintentional blogging hiatus for a while, mainly because Lisa got a new fancy camera and I can't figure out how to work it. Lisa got to post on Mother's Day in honor of her mom, but today's my chance (I actually tried yesterday, but for some reasons pictures wouldn't post).

My mom with 1-day old Luke.

There are a number of things I appreciate about my mother, but I'll make it short, sweet and to the point.

  • My mother disciplined me: as a parent now I appreciate this more than ever. Children will not discipline themselves, someone needs to train them in righteousness. My mom did this as well as anyone.

  • She reared 6 kids: I watched both kids yesterday in the morning while Lisa got some quality time with the Boston Harbor. By 2pm I was ready for a nap. 6 kids!

  • Humility: as I said, my mom successfully reared 6 kids, yet remains humble about. If it were me, I'd be looking for a publisher for my best selling parenting book. No such arrogance from Pat Pierce.

My mom and Mary when Mary was born.

  • Supportive grandparenting: she supports Lisa and me in our parenting endeavours. She may think we're crazy for doing certain things, but she doesn't let on. When asked, she advises and is never pushy.

  • Generosity: my family has never had a lot of money; 6 kids (and some big appetites) generally keep you from swimming in cash. Yet, my parents have never withheld from us.

  • Sacrifice: all parents sacrifice, and my mom could write a book on this. As we prepare to move to the other side of the world, we can see how this sacrifice is being lived out. She will miss out on a number of memories with Mary and Luke. But she gives up her "rights" to the Lord. What a wonderful example for the rest of us.

I could write a whole lot more, but I'll end there. Lisa and I both appreciate our mothers so much; a couple blog posts can't possibly convey that fact. But know we love you both!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mom...

i feel like i become more and more thankful for my mom with each passing year. i'm thankful for the way that she consistently seeks God, walks in community with Godly women, prays for her family and is open to whatever God has for her future. i'm thankful for the way that she loves, supports and honors my dad... their marriage is one that i deeply respect. i'm thankful that even though i have lived away from the family for the last 11 years and am about to go even farther away, she has made an effort to stay involved in my life and supportive of each step of the journey. in four years i will have gone from being single to married with two kids living in indonesia... and she has been served me through every transition.

though my thoughts of parenting are filled with training to obey and share, one day mary will grow up and when she does i want to be there.... i want to know her friends well and be family to them, to move her into her apartments, to provide of one of the most fun weekends of her life when she gets married, to talk her through recipes 4 days a week, to help her care for her newborns, to take her toddlers for a few days, to be there when she moves to the where ever God has called her, to provide a home that she loves to come to. these are a few of the things my mom has done and i hope to as well.

lastly, my mom loves my children. i LOVE that she knows them, wants to spend time with them and enjoys the little things about them.

Friday, May 6, 2011

night night yute

we've been enjoying our little porch a lot lately! mary loves to blow bubbles, eat lunch and play a little "night night" with luke. luke is a great sport... he just looks on her affectionately and throws in an occasional smile. i love seeing them together.

she was singing her night night song to him and patting his belly... "ahh-mee, ahh-mee"... that's "Amazing Grace" for those of you who aren't aware of lyrical genius.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"mary, why is your face so weird?!?"

"oh, because you have taken to hiding the peas in your mouth that you don't want to eat. awesome."

it's true. mary has done this a few times, but this particular night was the best/worst. i thought it was so funny though. i totally used to do this as a kid, especially with peas... and i still hate peas! so, i only made her eat a few bites. i let her drink from my cup so that as she was drinking the water she would swallow the peas. no luck. she drank about 8oz of water and kept them whole and secure in those cheeks. nice work, kid.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 months

luke daniel pierce is five months old! he is such a joy to us. he is very quick to smile at anyone... he loves when anyone talks to him! he hates being alone. sometimes he's okay on his play mat for a few minutes, but other times the moment i'm out of his line of vision he starts fussing. yesterday i was changing his diaper and he cried when i bent down to get a clean diaper!!! he's my sensitive guy. :) he loves to be with me so i've been "wearing" him a lot more lately, even around the house. it's sweet; he's perfectly content the entire time and just looks up at me and smiles. he's way more cuddling than mary ever way, and way less independent! it can be challenging sometimes, like when we're running late for something and i just simply can't hold him and get mary's shoes on. but, all in all, he's wonderful and i love him!

a quick "schedule" update: he wakes up around 7am (usually coughing-- i can not wait until it goes away!!!) and he falls back asleep after about 30 minutes of me putting the paci back in his mouth. not my favorite thing, but i don't want him to up for the day that early. anyways, he wakes for good around 8:30 and eats. play, play. 10:30-11:30 nap time. eat. play, play. 1:30-4:30 nap. eat. play, play. 6:45-7:30 nap. eat. 9:30pm eat and bed time. i wish i could take three naps a day.

he loves his dada and sister too. it's really sweet. he follows danny all over the room (and by "follows" i mean with his eyes) and laughs at mary. sometimes he screams at mary too. depending on his mood, the same loud "HI YUTE" could bring a huge smile or a huge scream. he gets startled sometimes too. he's sensitive. he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, drolls an unprecedented amount and poops out of his diaper at least 5 times a week. unbelievable. mary has pooped out of her diaper about 5 times thus far in her life. he's definitely grosser than mary but his sweet smile makes up for it. he can have poop all over him and he just smiles and laughs as i clean it up... he has no idea how disgusting he is.

i feel like his little life is passing right before my eyes as i read books, color and go down slides with mary. he is just along for the ride... gets knocked in the head with books, chews on his stroller straps while we play at the park, sits on the table during mealtime, etc. i treasure the time i have with just him, talking to him, hearing him talk back and laughing. i adore him. i thank God that we have been entrusted with this little man, and pray that he will bring the light of Christ into the darkest places of the world.