Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 months

luke daniel pierce is five months old! he is such a joy to us. he is very quick to smile at anyone... he loves when anyone talks to him! he hates being alone. sometimes he's okay on his play mat for a few minutes, but other times the moment i'm out of his line of vision he starts fussing. yesterday i was changing his diaper and he cried when i bent down to get a clean diaper!!! he's my sensitive guy. :) he loves to be with me so i've been "wearing" him a lot more lately, even around the house. it's sweet; he's perfectly content the entire time and just looks up at me and smiles. he's way more cuddling than mary ever way, and way less independent! it can be challenging sometimes, like when we're running late for something and i just simply can't hold him and get mary's shoes on. but, all in all, he's wonderful and i love him!

a quick "schedule" update: he wakes up around 7am (usually coughing-- i can not wait until it goes away!!!) and he falls back asleep after about 30 minutes of me putting the paci back in his mouth. not my favorite thing, but i don't want him to up for the day that early. anyways, he wakes for good around 8:30 and eats. play, play. 10:30-11:30 nap time. eat. play, play. 1:30-4:30 nap. eat. play, play. 6:45-7:30 nap. eat. 9:30pm eat and bed time. i wish i could take three naps a day.

he loves his dada and sister too. it's really sweet. he follows danny all over the room (and by "follows" i mean with his eyes) and laughs at mary. sometimes he screams at mary too. depending on his mood, the same loud "HI YUTE" could bring a huge smile or a huge scream. he gets startled sometimes too. he's sensitive. he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, drolls an unprecedented amount and poops out of his diaper at least 5 times a week. unbelievable. mary has pooped out of her diaper about 5 times thus far in her life. he's definitely grosser than mary but his sweet smile makes up for it. he can have poop all over him and he just smiles and laughs as i clean it up... he has no idea how disgusting he is.

i feel like his little life is passing right before my eyes as i read books, color and go down slides with mary. he is just along for the ride... gets knocked in the head with books, chews on his stroller straps while we play at the park, sits on the table during mealtime, etc. i treasure the time i have with just him, talking to him, hearing him talk back and laughing. i adore him. i thank God that we have been entrusted with this little man, and pray that he will bring the light of Christ into the darkest places of the world.

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