Sunday, May 15, 2011

a few things that i have been thankful for recently....

**how God has worked all things out for my brother and his family.... looks like i will be meeting my zambian niece soon. we love you, baby zoe! this means more than you know to me!

**after crying for awhile in his bed, i went to calm luke down.... he held my finger and fell asleep within 2 minutes. it was so sweet... not something i want to happen everyday but so sweet. :)

**giving danny and i needed time together to prepare emotionally and physically for our coming move to indonesia

**mary's growing vocabulary. she is constantly making me laugh.

**the 20 minutes that mary wants luke in her crib every morning after they wake up. he just lays there while she plays and sings to him while i sit on the rocker drinking my coffee. love it.

**the weather this week.... playing outside, beautiful morning long runs with a good friend, and time on the porch (where these pictures were taken).


the Jennings secede from the South said...

when I put Elliot into Henry's crib, he likes it but Elliot is only allowed to touch certain stuffed's pretty funny.

Amy said...

Cute new blog template. Cute family. Cute everything.