Thursday, May 19, 2011

a possible record?

today luke had on 5 outfits... two he pooped through and two he soaked with drool and he is going to bed in a clean one. he also went through three swaddle blankets (same substances), three burp clothes and two bibs. i mean, is that even possible?!?! oh, and he spit up on his play mat, while on his belly and then slid all around in it before i saw it. awesome.

oh, just kidding.... he's not wearing a clean bedtime outfit anymore and neither are my sweatpants. he just spit up on both of us. i love him. really, i do! and i love that they play in the bed together every morning. usually they are clothed, i'm not sure why they weren't this particular morning. that's how we roll around here. :)

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