Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ears and duck tours

mary had a great weekend with everyone here! she got all of the attention she could ask for. she loved being with michael, and she especially loved his facial hair and his ears. weird, i know. when she was on his shoulders she put both fingers straight in his ears. it was a tad uncomfortable for michael, but he was a good sport. i don't know what she was doing here.

mimi helping mary eat her hummus and pita chips, compliments of the half marathon expo.

speaking of half marathon, it was a rough one. i think i got about the same time as i did on this same race last year... when i was four months pregnant! i'm not sure why it was so terrible because my training runs were pretty good and much faster... maybe it was the heat. luckily, none of us cared about our time so we just jogged along. thanks for running, dad, dylan, carolyn and sarah!

danny, looking very serious, was feeding our boy while i gave my body a rest in the grass. he also took mary on a little walk around this grassy area (by the north end). apparently a duck tour bus pulled to the side of the road to have everyone say hi to mary as she walked by. she waved back with excitement (she loves saying hi to strangers) and then the driver handed her a roll of duck tour stickers. she was really excited about the stickers and proceeded to put them all over danny's arm hair. nice work, mary. she has quite the personality these days... so much fun!

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