Thursday, June 2, 2011

half a year

luke is 6 months old today. i can't believe it! i feel like he's still my little newborn but he's clearly not. if you've seen him in person you know that he is a BIG guy! i think his hefty weight has kept him a little behind mary in the milestone department. :) he started rolling over about a week ago and can't quite sit up yet, but he's getting there. he still lights up a room with his smile and let's you know if you leave his line of vision. sometimes if i'm trying to get something done (like pack lunch for the park or get the diaper bag ready) i station mary in front of him and she sings songs or pats his head. he's happy as ever as long as someone is there with him! he really is such a sweet little guy.

here are a few pictures i took of him this weekend while downtown. i almost didn't take the time to do it, but i'm so glad i did. he's so smiley and easy to take photos of now because he's actually still (unlike his very mobile sister).

a glimpse of his ideal schedule: 8ish wake up and eat. 10:30-11:30ish nap time (often times this nap is at the park) and eat. 2-4:30 nap time and eat. 6:45-7:15 nap and eat. 9:30 eat and bed time. though tonight he kind of boycotted his evening cat nap so he went to bed at 9. i think he's about done with the third nap. we'll see.

he is still affectionately known as "baby yute" or "bubba yute" by his big sis. she has continued to be pretty sweet to him, though she does test her boundaries with him a bit. she loves to talk to him, make him laugh and kiss him. it's so sweet.

luke, we love you more than you know. we are so thankful for your sweet, sensitive little personality. i hope that you will always smile as easily as you do now. we love you!


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Can't wait to

carrie said...

lisa, the pictures are looking great!