Friday, June 10, 2011


we had a nice evening downtown with our dear friends, the carders.  it was lily's 2nd birthday so we went for pizza and a fruit dessert.  lily is mary's best friend (whether they like it or not) and they had a great time together.  last week mary wore the flower skirt in the picture to lily's house... lily wanted to wear it the entire time. so, i went out and got her one for her birthday and we dressed them like twins for dinner in the park.  they look nothing alike but they were both super cute in their matching outfits.  

we tried to get lily to look up for a picture but she was a little too into her treat.  we were singing "this little light of mine" to get her to look up but only mary played alone.  :)  

mary was shirtless downtown for at least an hour.  she ran into the sprinklers there and got wet so she insisted that she not wear it.  turned out to be good because she was NOT clean with her huge piece of pizza by herself. 

the birthday girl... who is VERY hard to photograph because she is always on the go... this is the best i could do.  i love her cute little facial expression here, shows her funny personality.
luke and sam... best friends as well

and this is what the little brothers did... lay there, sleep in the ergo and eat.  that's what they do best at this stage.  they were also not easy to photograph... oh well.  

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