Friday, July 15, 2011


isaiah lucas larkin

it was a long day of flying to FL and then waiting at the airport... for hours.  but it was SO worthy it!  luke enjoyed waiting for kelley and isaiah... he got to play with rissa, his birthday twin from uganda.   her mom is one of kelley's best friends.  she looks much bigger than him, but i think it's because she's crawling and standing... and, well, luke's belly is a bit harder to get off the ground.  :)


the many kids waiting with signs in hand to welcome isaiah to his new home... they were fun and crazy!

they finally came and everyone was so excited... especially luke and the kids!  the kids were so excited and hyper!  it was fun for me to watch as they told kelley the most random things to fill her in on her time away... hudson gets especially excited and can be a little slow to spit things out.  kelley just looked at him smiling, anticipating the funny things that was sure to come out of his mouth.  it was sweet to watch.

it was also fun to see how excited the kids were to be with their new brother... they kept showing him toys, wanting to hug him and trying to get his attention.  they are really thoughtful of him and so welcoming... like it's not weird at all that they now have a new brother from africa.  they are awesome.  

he was a little shy at first.... there were A LOT of people there that were really excited about him so that is understandable!  he soon warmed up and started playing with the kids and some of the toys they brought him.  how cute is he!?!?

here's most of the welcoming crew... and do you see will and hudson?  they're the two goof balls in the front with their arms up.  it's just such a typical picture.  i love it!

that's all for now.  we're so thankful that we are able to be in FL during this special time before we move!  isaiah was so cute and we can't wait to play with him tomorrow!

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