Friday, July 8, 2011

midnight snack

we had the privilege of having my aunt, kathy, and her four kids come visit for about 7 hours last night (10:30pm to 5am).  they flew into boston and had an overnight before they headed back home. they hadn't met luke and mary hadn't seen them in almost a year.... and this was the last time for awhile so we kept the kids up to play. mary went to bed at 12:15am and was happy the whole time.  she's a night owl and it comes in handy in times like this.

they are a really special family to me, i've been close with my aunt since i was little and i have loved her kids since they were babies.  it was a treat for us because we didn't think we'd see them before we left.  so, mary and luke played with cousins gracie, annie, mary and "baby isaac" who is almost two but mary still calls him baby.  everyone had a bowl of cereal (our midnight snack) and just hung out and laughed at the funny cousins.  the girls are wonderful and i love seeing them grow up!

playing with luke

before our late night visitors, we spent the day with mary's other cousins, ryry and dylan.  it's always fun to be with them because the kids are so close in age... and ryan has fun toys and a yard, something that is hard to come by in the city.  :)  mary and ryan love each other and usually begin to play well together after about 4 hours.  they're two.  sharing can be hard.  but, here is ryan being a helpful big cousin and pushing mary.  don't mind the ponytail on top of his head... not sure how that happened.  :) 

mary thought she was awesome on her 4 wheeler.  i had one growing up also and i actually still love to drive any vehicle, especially if it's fast.  like mother, like daughter.  

boys will be boys. dylan and luke are beginning the wrestling matches at 6 and 7 months old.  should be fun in three years!  

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