Wednesday, July 6, 2011

mrs. lacey baron....

it was a crazy, fun weekend celebrating lacey and rob getting married.  it was also a reunion of sorts because all of the ladies that have already moved away were reunited and it feels so good!  yes, we began the party on wednesday night... for a sunday wedding.  it was awesome.  

i love you, ba.

dara and joy are my friends from college and boston... we're working on ten years of friendship.  i'm blessed.

beth and joy have been out of boston for a few months now... it was SO fun to get some good time with them this weekend.  we miss you already.  

my parents came for the wedding.  it was great to have them here in boston one last time!  my friends all love having them around too, so that's always fun.  here we are with dara, who is basically part of the family.  i hope our being overseas doesn't disturb my parents' social life in boston.  :)  

oh, here's my "life of the party" husband... 

me, singing lovingly into his eyes, and him standing there not even looking at me.  this was probably me trying to get him on the dance floor during a fast song (he always dances to slow songs with me)... fast songs aren't his favorite thing.  this time he was there with his buddy, mike, and they had their own agenda... ruining the girls' pictures.  danny will proudly show you his work very soon on this little blog... i was asked not to reveal it yet.  

aside from this, danny was a superstar all weekend... i mean, all week really.  the festivities started last wednesday and my last friend left town today.  he kept the kids for hours to let me get good time with these dear friends of mine.  these were my "final goodbyes" with many of these friends and danny has bent over backwards to make sure i get quality time without my kids.  all that to say, i'm so thankful for him... for how thoughtful he is to my needs during this time and for what an involved and sacrificial dad that he is to our kids.  you're just what i need, danny!  

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Emily said...

Lacey is absolutely gorgeous! I've always thought so. You all looked so happy. Great friends. Miss you.