Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new normal...

we have many, many new normals these days... bugs in our house, me killing bugs with my fingers and not thinking a thing about it, lizards on our walls... inside our house, rice, rice and more rice (the food is actually really good, i just want to not eat rice for one day), people yelling "hello mr." at me (remember, this is lisa writing), driving a motorcycle, you know... things are different.  we actually really like it, but it's definitely different.  

anyways, pictured below are two of our "new normals."  this is our dining room table.  it's great, we move it outside in the morning to eat breakfast and lunch outside and then we move it inside for dinner (because of the misquitos).  we're not exactly ready to host a dinner party but it works for now.  if we use plates rather than bowls (which doesn't happen often because everything is on top of a bowl of rice) leslie usually holds her plate on her lap.  danny and i are usually assigned to a kid so holding a plate and feeding a kid is a little tough.  for those of you who don't know, leslie is our good friend from boston who moved here with us.  she usually joins us for at least one meal a day and we LOVE having her around... and so does mary!  

the next new normal is dirt.  i mean, it's just dirty here.  mary's feet always look like this... and this picture doesn't really do justice to the dirt.  oh, and that is marker on her toes.  on one of our flights she kind of started freaking out because she wanted to sit on my lap duing take off but because she's two now she can't.  so, i told her she could color her toes.  she knows she can only color paper so that was a special treat that kept her in her seat.  and now, she always colors her toes.  oh well, there are bigger trajedies every day in this world (that's what danny says everyday).    

and here are luke's TWO teeth.  he's very proud of them.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

like mother, like daughter...

 ...mary loves the motorcycle!  

she was so excited about her new helmet and was even more excited when she got to ride with mama.  this morning i took her to a playground (that was all sand so she wouldn't even walk in it!) and she loved the ride there.  she is a running commentary on everything we pass... "people have helmet like mary" or "two people riding" or "bumpy mama, hold on!"  she also sings "mary's riding" a lot of the time (it's from an elmo video).  

 she was so excited to get on!!!  face shield down and she's ready.  

mary did a great job riding.  she holds on to "her handles" and i hold on to mine.  she tells me every few minutes which ones are mine and which ones are hers (it's very important that she doesn't grab mine so we've gone over it a lot!).  she doesn't move around or anything, she just talks and laughs and sings.  it's awesome.  not sure if you can tell but i tie her onto me for extra safety (as if riding a motorcycle can ever be that safe for a two year old)... but it keeps her close to me and restricts her movement.

yesterday i also bought a helmet for luke.  when danny is ready to have the whole family on with him (which is kind of a big deal), we'll have mary in the front, danny driving and me with luke in the baby carrier... all with big helmets on.  oh, speaking of helmets, how funny do i look?!?!  i mean, can you say space ranger.  i was dying when i went to go by it (by myself).  people don't wear full face helmets here unless you're like a racer or something.  but, it is the safest one so we've decided we will wear them.  they don't make them for kids.  very, very few kids wear helmets here.  just the parents.  weird, i know!

and, just in case you don't think we're being safe... check this out!  it's the asian way.  :)

(no, i didn't take this picture... danny got it from a friend).  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

and he's off....

this is luke's very typical, goofy smile.  he's thrilled about something... usually it's seeing me, if i'm honest.  :)  i love it.  his eyes squint up so much you can hardly tell they are open.  

many things are changing in the life of luke... first up, he's crawling everywhere!  he loves to crawl on and off of things (his favorite is mary's mattress which is still on the floor, we're getting a bed in a few weeks).  he also loves to play with the dirt off of the patio... this is frightening because he reaches the dirt by doing the football stance below and could lunge forward onto the brick at any moment.  it's so funny that he actually likes to play with the dirt.  i mean, i know he's a boy but it's still weird to me that they can be so different at such a young age.  he goes right for it when i put him down.  if mary touchs the dirty she says, "oh no!  dirty!"  though living here she is going to have to get used to being dirty... very dirty all of the time!  

nothing has changed in the weight department... he's still a big boy, as you can see.  :)  

he loves the bathtub and splashes everywhere! 

he is interacting more with mary.  he loves her and she loves to make him laugh.  

he's been pulling up on everything!  he's not incredibly stable when he gets up so it's a little frightening sometimes.  he's taken his share of falls on our tile floors.  

this is my favorite picture because you see his cute baby face (and his misquito bites from living in indonesia).  

other things in the life of luke... he got his first tooth last week.  he loves ibu sri (the woman who takes care of our kids while we're in language school), which is a huge blessing.  he has a strong will sometimes... grunts when he doesn't want something or cries if we take a toy away from him.  mary never did that (she was really laid back) so it's interesting to see how kids are different even at such a young age.  he loves his mama (mary also never had attachment issues, so this is new to me also... i don't really love it).  he takes two naps and sleeps about 10-11 hours at night.  and, he eats a lot!  he eats whatever we eat and we just blend it.  so, he's had chicken curry, beef stew, and a lot of other indonesian dishes.  he's great about eating!

and a little update on life in indonesia....

we're really liking it!  we love our house (it was such a blessing to find so quickly) and it's slowly coming together.  things take a bit (or four times) longer here.  :)  language school is going really well, we really like it but it is exhausting!!!  putting that much into your brain for four hours straight can wear me out.  our friends here are great... they have been so helpful with everything and we really enjoy being with them/learning from them.  we have a very small backyard (think the size of a one car garage) and a great patio... the doors are open all of the time and the kids love playing out there!  we got a motorcycle last week!!!  i love it.  i mean, it's so fun!  of course we haven't had any mode of transportation so i'm especially thankful for it.  i just bought helmets for the whole family this afternoon... i think i might take mary on a little ride tonight.  we're going asian here!  :)

my thoughts and conversations are mostly filled with information about how to live here... where to buy things, how to cook, how to communicate with our babysitter, how to make tortillas or french bread (just stop right now and thank Jesus for tortillas or french bread that you can buy in a bag).  :)  alright, that's all for now.  i could go on... life is very different here.  but, all in all, we're doing great and loving it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my toys!?!

we are moved into our new house and so thankful for it.  it's been a week now and we're feeling a little more settled by the day.  i felt like shopping was my part time job for about 2 weeks, but thankfully it's slowing down.  note: shopping is not quite as easy for me here... not being able to communicate with anyone can be problematic.  we've had to have a lot of help.

blurry and in motion... dancing to the toy's music.  i love the expression!

mary is very happy to finally be at our "new house!"  the day before we moved in i took her over to the house to let her see her bin of toys.  she hadn't seen them since mid-june and i don't think she knew they were coming back, so she was SO excited.  she played with tons of toys and read all of her books.  it was really a special moment for me.   

for some reason it was hardest for me to think about mary and how she feels as we left boston and all that was normal to us.  so, i brought as many of her things as possible (hooded towels, her quilt, a special painting she had on her wall, and HER TOYS!).  here she is dancing to her "music dog," one of her favorite toys from my bff's mom.  she got it over a year ago and still loves it... that's a long time for a kid's toy.  

side note:  i realize she's only two and won't remember any of this, but she has definitely noticed it now.  she's doing much better than the first week we arrived in indonesia.  that was a doozy!  

more pictures to come of life in indonesia... as soon as the internet gets going at home.  it's been great so far!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

too small?

the bath tub is too small, you think?

if you're wondering, this was the transition from luke's bath to mary's.  they didn't actually get washed together... they would still be very dirty if that were the case.  speaking of dirty... man, they get dirty here!  luke's crawling everywhere and his hands and knees are evidence.  

Friday, August 5, 2011


i just want to start by saying that the noises we hear at night here are crazy!  first of all, we're staying at a house with a dog and cat.  the dog doesn't bark much anymore (my dad showed his authority) but the cat starts meowing outside of our "window" (that is actually just a screen) around 5am... just as we're getting used to the call to prayer, which starts about 4:45am.  leslie, our friend who is living with while we're settling in, went outside in the middle of the night to see what was going on.  i had danny do the same thing about three nights ago.  there are 5 cats in the empty lot next to us who meow SO loud.  like, i actually thought that someone might have dropped a child off in our front yard... i had danny go check.  the meowing is not normal... sounds like a small child.  and, ramadan just started here so there are LOUD microphones throughout the city reading different texts... for hours starting around 4am.  and there are firecrackers.  this makes boston seem very quiet!  we're getting used to it and so are the kids.  life is different here.  nothing is bad (except the loud cats), just different.  anyways, now that i have explained one of the "new normals" for us...

i really haven't taken pictures, i've just snapped a few when i see something funny.  like this.  luke was gnawing on a hacky-sack for about 20 minutes.  i didn't think it was that big of a deal (though, i'm sure it wouldn't have passed mimi's sanitation standards)... then i looked down and saw what the BLUE hacky-sack was doing.

walking into the flower market

danny with some "natives"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my indonesian boy

luke is loving indonesia thus far.  here are a few pictures to let you see how well he is adapting to the new culture (as if he has a clue we're in a new culture).

we're staying at a friend's house right now and this is the wonderful woman that helps them out around their house.  she loves luke and mary (but especially luke, i think)... she will ask to take luke all throughout the day.  she feeds him, plays with him or just carries him around in this, just cooking or just showing him outside.  she is so sweet and has cooked a few meals for us and we love them!  i thought i really didn't like indonesian food (the stuff we've had at restaurants) but her's is really good!  

you can hardly tell, but this is luke eating rice for the first time.  i'm not sure how much, if any, got in his mouth but he had a good time trying.  he looks so clean in this picture, but it was ALL over him.  mary has been doing great with the food too.  she really likes the rice and has eaten a ton of chicken (surprising because she was basically a vegitarian in the states)... she even ate curry chicken and veggies over rice tonight.  we're really glad she likes the food!

and, this the "walker" that luke already broke.  my parents bought it for him a few days ago and he has probably spend a total of 45 minutes in it... and ripped the fabric right off the rim.... like the fabric is torn!  i think that these things aren't made for american size babies.  usually when a kid weighs 23 lbs here he's probably been walking for 2 years and about to enter pre-school.  luke, well he's 8 months old.  he gets a TON of attention for those big white rolls around here.  people are always touching my kids as they walk by.  it's kind of funny.  

lastly, a little progress on the practicals.  we have our indonesian IDs.  i have driven a few times already... even to the mall today.  we got our appliances delivered today (washer, dryer, stove, fridge and one AC for our bedroom).  we ordered our couches today.  we got our cell phones today.  we're hoping to move into our place this weekend.  we're so thankful that things are moving along relatively quickly around here.  we're very ready to have a place that is our own.  thanks for keeping up with us on this side of the world.