Saturday, August 27, 2011

and he's off....

this is luke's very typical, goofy smile.  he's thrilled about something... usually it's seeing me, if i'm honest.  :)  i love it.  his eyes squint up so much you can hardly tell they are open.  

many things are changing in the life of luke... first up, he's crawling everywhere!  he loves to crawl on and off of things (his favorite is mary's mattress which is still on the floor, we're getting a bed in a few weeks).  he also loves to play with the dirt off of the patio... this is frightening because he reaches the dirt by doing the football stance below and could lunge forward onto the brick at any moment.  it's so funny that he actually likes to play with the dirt.  i mean, i know he's a boy but it's still weird to me that they can be so different at such a young age.  he goes right for it when i put him down.  if mary touchs the dirty she says, "oh no!  dirty!"  though living here she is going to have to get used to being dirty... very dirty all of the time!  

nothing has changed in the weight department... he's still a big boy, as you can see.  :)  

he loves the bathtub and splashes everywhere! 

he is interacting more with mary.  he loves her and she loves to make him laugh.  

he's been pulling up on everything!  he's not incredibly stable when he gets up so it's a little frightening sometimes.  he's taken his share of falls on our tile floors.  

this is my favorite picture because you see his cute baby face (and his misquito bites from living in indonesia).  

other things in the life of luke... he got his first tooth last week.  he loves ibu sri (the woman who takes care of our kids while we're in language school), which is a huge blessing.  he has a strong will sometimes... grunts when he doesn't want something or cries if we take a toy away from him.  mary never did that (she was really laid back) so it's interesting to see how kids are different even at such a young age.  he loves his mama (mary also never had attachment issues, so this is new to me also... i don't really love it).  he takes two naps and sleeps about 10-11 hours at night.  and, he eats a lot!  he eats whatever we eat and we just blend it.  so, he's had chicken curry, beef stew, and a lot of other indonesian dishes.  he's great about eating!

and a little update on life in indonesia....

we're really liking it!  we love our house (it was such a blessing to find so quickly) and it's slowly coming together.  things take a bit (or four times) longer here.  :)  language school is going really well, we really like it but it is exhausting!!!  putting that much into your brain for four hours straight can wear me out.  our friends here are great... they have been so helpful with everything and we really enjoy being with them/learning from them.  we have a very small backyard (think the size of a one car garage) and a great patio... the doors are open all of the time and the kids love playing out there!  we got a motorcycle last week!!!  i love it.  i mean, it's so fun!  of course we haven't had any mode of transportation so i'm especially thankful for it.  i just bought helmets for the whole family this afternoon... i think i might take mary on a little ride tonight.  we're going asian here!  :)

my thoughts and conversations are mostly filled with information about how to live here... where to buy things, how to cook, how to communicate with our babysitter, how to make tortillas or french bread (just stop right now and thank Jesus for tortillas or french bread that you can buy in a bag).  :)  alright, that's all for now.  i could go on... life is very different here.  but, all in all, we're doing great and loving it.

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Sweet, sweet boy!