Sunday, August 28, 2011

like mother, like daughter...

 ...mary loves the motorcycle!  

she was so excited about her new helmet and was even more excited when she got to ride with mama.  this morning i took her to a playground (that was all sand so she wouldn't even walk in it!) and she loved the ride there.  she is a running commentary on everything we pass... "people have helmet like mary" or "two people riding" or "bumpy mama, hold on!"  she also sings "mary's riding" a lot of the time (it's from an elmo video).  

 she was so excited to get on!!!  face shield down and she's ready.  

mary did a great job riding.  she holds on to "her handles" and i hold on to mine.  she tells me every few minutes which ones are mine and which ones are hers (it's very important that she doesn't grab mine so we've gone over it a lot!).  she doesn't move around or anything, she just talks and laughs and sings.  it's awesome.  not sure if you can tell but i tie her onto me for extra safety (as if riding a motorcycle can ever be that safe for a two year old)... but it keeps her close to me and restricts her movement.

yesterday i also bought a helmet for luke.  when danny is ready to have the whole family on with him (which is kind of a big deal), we'll have mary in the front, danny driving and me with luke in the baby carrier... all with big helmets on.  oh, speaking of helmets, how funny do i look?!?!  i mean, can you say space ranger.  i was dying when i went to go by it (by myself).  people don't wear full face helmets here unless you're like a racer or something.  but, it is the safest one so we've decided we will wear them.  they don't make them for kids.  very, very few kids wear helmets here.  just the parents.  weird, i know!

and, just in case you don't think we're being safe... check this out!  it's the asian way.  :)

(no, i didn't take this picture... danny got it from a friend).  


Mom said...

Be carefull! I think Mary needs some protective clothing on!
I wish I could hear her, I remember how she loved just watching people riding their motor cycles!
Maybe I can ride with her when I come n feb. at least through your neighborhood.
Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture when you do load everyone on :)

Love you guys! Thanks for linking to the updates on Facebook!
Becky Z

Emily said...

You are so crazy! I am not surprised though :) Love the helmets! Mary is the best. Love you guys.

Amy said...

You are so skinny. Lylas.

Caitlin said...

BAHAHAH the baby in a bucket!! WHAT?!!? hilarious.

love reading your blog -- miss you guys!!!