Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my indonesian boy

luke is loving indonesia thus far.  here are a few pictures to let you see how well he is adapting to the new culture (as if he has a clue we're in a new culture).

we're staying at a friend's house right now and this is the wonderful woman that helps them out around their house.  she loves luke and mary (but especially luke, i think)... she will ask to take luke all throughout the day.  she feeds him, plays with him or just carries him around in this, just cooking or just showing him outside.  she is so sweet and has cooked a few meals for us and we love them!  i thought i really didn't like indonesian food (the stuff we've had at restaurants) but her's is really good!  

you can hardly tell, but this is luke eating rice for the first time.  i'm not sure how much, if any, got in his mouth but he had a good time trying.  he looks so clean in this picture, but it was ALL over him.  mary has been doing great with the food too.  she really likes the rice and has eaten a ton of chicken (surprising because she was basically a vegitarian in the states)... she even ate curry chicken and veggies over rice tonight.  we're really glad she likes the food!

and, this the "walker" that luke already broke.  my parents bought it for him a few days ago and he has probably spend a total of 45 minutes in it... and ripped the fabric right off the rim.... like the fabric is torn!  i think that these things aren't made for american size babies.  usually when a kid weighs 23 lbs here he's probably been walking for 2 years and about to enter pre-school.  luke, well he's 8 months old.  he gets a TON of attention for those big white rolls around here.  people are always touching my kids as they walk by.  it's kind of funny.  

lastly, a little progress on the practicals.  we have our indonesian IDs.  i have driven a few times already... even to the mall today.  we got our appliances delivered today (washer, dryer, stove, fridge and one AC for our bedroom).  we ordered our couches today.  we got our cell phones today.  we're hoping to move into our place this weekend.  we're so thankful that things are moving along relatively quickly around here.  we're very ready to have a place that is our own.  thanks for keeping up with us on this side of the world.  

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