Friday, August 5, 2011


i just want to start by saying that the noises we hear at night here are crazy!  first of all, we're staying at a house with a dog and cat.  the dog doesn't bark much anymore (my dad showed his authority) but the cat starts meowing outside of our "window" (that is actually just a screen) around 5am... just as we're getting used to the call to prayer, which starts about 4:45am.  leslie, our friend who is living with while we're settling in, went outside in the middle of the night to see what was going on.  i had danny do the same thing about three nights ago.  there are 5 cats in the empty lot next to us who meow SO loud.  like, i actually thought that someone might have dropped a child off in our front yard... i had danny go check.  the meowing is not normal... sounds like a small child.  and, ramadan just started here so there are LOUD microphones throughout the city reading different texts... for hours starting around 4am.  and there are firecrackers.  this makes boston seem very quiet!  we're getting used to it and so are the kids.  life is different here.  nothing is bad (except the loud cats), just different.  anyways, now that i have explained one of the "new normals" for us...

i really haven't taken pictures, i've just snapped a few when i see something funny.  like this.  luke was gnawing on a hacky-sack for about 20 minutes.  i didn't think it was that big of a deal (though, i'm sure it wouldn't have passed mimi's sanitation standards)... then i looked down and saw what the BLUE hacky-sack was doing.

walking into the flower market

danny with some "natives"


Rebecca said...

Hi Lisa and co!
Sounds like life in Indo is new and different! Enjoy all it has to offer. We miss it! Hope you got the car load of stuff your driver picked up. Some of it is very random, but others you can really use - the sunscreen, mosquito repellent, puzzles, etc.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so darn cute! We miss them so much! We also love the pic of brother Danny attempting to sit indian style with his game face on. ( don't worry brother, I can't sit indian style either.) We miss you guys so much! Give Marry and Luke a big kiss for us. We love you!
Michael and Kathryn Larkin