Friday, September 30, 2011


danny and i are in language school from 8-12 monday-friday.  it's just us, leslie (our friend from boston) and our teacher.  generally we have a really good time and are able to laugh at our many mistakes.  sometimes it can be a bit frustrating though.... the language is just different so you can't always translate things with the exact same meaning and the words are LONG.  

like PEMANDANGANNYA... it means scenery.  after saying it about 15 times, danny said... 

"it rolls right off the tongue... like a boulder."

we still can't say it at all.  oh well.  we're getting there though.  language school is pretty exhausting, but we've enjoyed it thus far.  i can't wait to be able to communicate to people when i go shopping or when i want to order food or when i walk by our neighbors with the strollers or any time, really!  

and, since danny and i are rarely on the blog, i leave you with these recent pictures.  luke loves to wrestle and crawl on me (or anyone) and mary loves the motorcycle.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

too hot.

mary went to the bathroom on the potty today... that's a big deal around here.  we haven't started potty training but i think i'm about to.  anyways, after we celebrated and danced around the potty it was time to put a diaper on.  i said something to let her know it was time to put her diaper on and she looked at me dead serious and said, "my bum too hot for diaper."  i died laughing.  really, you're bum is too hot!?!  nice.

just wearing her 'bap-pap' around like a big girl

Friday, September 23, 2011


what are you looking at?

sometimes i wonder why people yell out "GEMUK!" as we're walking down the street... 'gemuk' means fat.  but if this is what they usually see, my wondering is resolved.  oh, i love that fat head.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mary part 3

there's a park within walking distance (a long walk, but back road so it's still "walkable") from our house.  it looks about 50 years old (in style and equipment), it's in a normal neighborhood and seems to attract random people.  i like it.  it's the best we have around here and mary seems to enjoy it.  it has some benches and great shade so there are a lot of people hanging out there.  mary loves that part about it... she interacts with everyone... like the random man below.  we were eating our lunch on a bench and she walked over to this guy and motioned for him to help her up.  and then they chatted.

and these random people that she hopped on the merri-go-round with.  and then they asked to take a picture with her... another very normal occurrence for us these days.  there are hundreds of pictures of my kids floating around people's phones.  funny.  mary plays along and says "cheese!"

in other news of mary, there were three milestones that we needed to cross when we got here.  getting mary into a real bed, getting rid of her paci (more on that later) and getting her potty trained.  one down!  she got a big girl bed!  finally!  she seems to love it.  she calls it her "bid-durl-beh" and is very excited about it.  she has only gotten out of it once (in the middle of the night and i think she might have still been quasi asleep).

next up is potty training, which she is really taking an interest in.  i just don't want to do it!  soon i will... when i have some time off of school and can really try.  she always wants to sit on the potty and never goes.  it's annoying.  i wonder where she got the idea to read a sports magazine on the potty?  weird.  umm, and look at her sick feet.  new normal.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

old plus two

danny likes to say that he is now old plus two.  clever.  yesterday was his birthday and we didn't do a lot of celebrating but it was a really great day for us all.  danny and i went on our first date in indonesia the night before his birthday (thanks leslie for keeping our kids!) and it was super nice to have the night out.  we ate outside in the courtyard of this cute little restaurant and the food was great!  they serve real bacon so danny was a happy man! (most places don't around here due to religious restrictions)

our babysitter showed up in the morning with a birthday cake for danny so i didn't even make his cake!  she has a bakery out of her house so it was delicious.  we had a nice dinner of leftovers as a family and then blew out candles about 5 times.  mary liked that part!

waiting for daddy's cake to come...

singing happy birthday...

so much fun!  
and this is a cellphone picture of her blowing out the candles.  she was super excited about the cake, daddy's birthday and the candles!  she kept saying that she and dada were three now.  it was funny.  

luke was there too... on the other side of the table.  he was excited about dada too but just can't express it quite like mary right now.  oh luke, he is so funny and cute these days.  more on him later...

this is his proud face... look what i have, mom?!?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


more on mary....
she cracks us up!  today she said in all seriousness “enough hugs and kisses, mama.” with both hands held out, motioning to stop.  danny and i died laughing. 

she’s just her own bird.... as you can see by the outfit she picked out.  she was making luke food and feeding him.  she had a fork and i didn’t think much of it, but later i was reminded that playing with a fork isn’t a good idea.  

she is really sweet to luke!  she gets really excited when he wakes up, always tries to make him laugh, plays with him, etc.  she also loves to say "no baby!" to him... we're working on that.  she takes his toys sometimes (which we're also working on) but usually pretends to be sweet by giving him a different one... and she usually says "luke not want it" speaking of the toy she just took from him.  smart, mary.  but luke absolutely loves her!  it's awesome.

here are a few funny stories...

she wants us to scratch her back all of the time.  a few weeks ago danny was scratching her back (she was kind of leaned to one side) and when he finished she looked up at him and said “other back” and turned to her other side.  danny said, why haven’t i thought of that?!?  
a few nights ago we gave her a special treat (chocolate covered peanut butter cracker... yum!).  it took her forever to eat it and when she was done she had some melted chocolate on her finger.  she held it out to us and with disgust on her face said, “oh no... poo poo!”  she hasn’t eaten chocolate too often, if you can tell.  :)  
yes, there are four "holes" along her lips.  she was playing with a fork and fell on it! it was sad!  

these stories are much funnier when you see her very adult like facial expressions coupled with her very 2 year old speech... still can’t say many sounds.  we love it.  speaking of her speech, i’ve been wanting to write down some of my favorite things that she says (or used to say)... a few of these she’s corrected herself, but many she’s still hanging on to. 
we've since stopped playing with forks at our house  
some of my favorite words from mary.... 

mon-ya: banana, milk, michael, balloon and clean up.  she would sing “mon-ya, mon-ya” as she was cleaning up.  you kind of had to know the context if you were going to figure out what she was talking about.... obviously because the five have nothing in common!  mon-ya is no longer in use for any of these words now.  

wadi: video.  she usually calls it ‘widyo’ now... which is much closer to video.  :) 

sa-see: cereal, which she asks for about 4 times a day 

teddy: karen (danny’s sister), we're hoping to keep this one forever.  i love it!  we all call her teddy now.  

yute: luke or 'bubba yute' or 'bubba' 

mon-ey: mary (she’s about half and half now... if you ask her what her name is she says mary, but she still refers to herself as “money” when she’s speaking about herself... it doesn’t totally sound like the us currency, but close.)

fiddy: excuse me.  yeah, she says it all of the time.  i love it!  she’ll say it to her doll if she’s where mary wants to play or sit, she’ll say it to me or danny often and she says it to strangers if they are in her way.  hilarious.

foony: smoothie.  she’s really into “making food” for us these days... and one of her favorite things to make are foonies.  danny asks for one every time because he likes to hear her say it.  
a few since moving here.... she says “bibu” instead of ibu, which is kind of like mrs. (or mother or any woman) but you say it before every woman’s name.  she always started says “walking walking” when she’s talking about herself walking around.  in indonesian the term for going on a walk is “jalan jalan” which literally means “walking walking” so we’re guessing that the babysitter says “walking walking” when they go on walks everyday.  she knows very little english, but she’s watched american kids before so she knows basic words.  i think it’s hilarious that mary now says “walking walking” all of the time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my girl.

an update on the life of mary.... part 1.  

mary is growing, learning, laughing and enjoying life here in indonesia.  i think this often, but this might be my favorite stage of her life so far.  it's so fun to watch her learn to communicate and socialize with people and understand the world around her.  she's particular about weird things... like where the cloth should go or what utensil luke needs to use for his food.  she also has a quark about what she walks on.... can you tell by the picture below?  she doesn't like to walk on grass (or anything different).  after going to a park with all sand i had to wash her feet in the drinking fountain before she was happy.  funny.

mary loves playing outside and always wants to be on the porch.  we got some fun toys from a family that was moving from indonesia that mary has really enjoyed, the scooter being on of them!  we go on family walks most evenings and mary just walks around talking about everything we pass (we call her our running commentary) and greeting our neighbors.  one day, when we can actually communicate with people, we hope to not just be known as mary's parents... maybe we'll even make some friends because of her.  :) 

she loves to run, jump, dance and pretend to play sports (that's my girl!).  she can kind of dribble, talks about the red sox and will use a big water bottle to hit things like she's swinging a bat (they don't really have baseball stuff in indonesia).  during church you can usually find her jumping up and down and dancing during the music time... when i ask her what we're doing she'll say singing to jesus.  she dances for him also.... or at least that's what i tell myself as she's going crazy during worship.  :)  i'm not sure what she's doing in the picture below but i love it.  i like the facial expression so i did a close up too.  she looks like a big girl... sad.  

and did you notice the celtics shirt?  go boston sports.  :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

9 facts for 9 months.

9 months old...

1. luke is still quick to smile.  he gives this goofy grin that i love... his eyes squint up, his mouth is completely straight across and he looks extra chubby.

2. he loves his mama... too much.  he's going through the attachment thing pretty bad.  sometimes if he sees me walk out of the room or even turn my back he starts screaming as if i just cut his toe off.  he'll grow out of his love for me so i should appreciate it... unless i'm trying to cook dinner.

3. speaking of cooking dinner, he pulls up on me all of the time (especially when i'm cooking dinner)... and then i'm stuck and can't move.  

this is really just to show our tropical back yard... pretty.

4. he plays SO well in his crib by himself.  he's been waking up way too early here (like 6:30am usually... it was about 8am in boston) so we just give him toys and a pacifer and comtimes he'll stay in his crib for 45 minutes just playing.  he does it after his afternoon nap too.  it's very nice.

5. he crawls all over the place and loves to play on our back porch.... our favorite place. 

6. he loves mary and laughs at her all of the time... i love it!

7. he is a really good eater... we usually just blend whatever indonesian dish we're eating and he eats it, spices and all.  it's great!  

8. he's tough.  we play on the bed everytime after bathtime as a family... it's one of our favorite times of the day.  we swipe his legs as he's crawling, knock him over, throw him around... and he just laughs and laughs.  he also just started tackling, yes full out tackling as if he's in football camp.  it's usually to me or danny but sometimes he'll go after mary and knocks her over.  she thinks it's funny.  

9. lastly, here he is with ibu sri... the woman who watches the kids while we're at language school.  this was right before we left for class.  he loves her and she's so great with him!  but, do you notice the cinnamon all over her pants... she didn't know he opened the cinnamon and was shaking it everywhere.  crazy boy.