Monday, October 3, 2011


the bubbalu.  

luke is 10 months and getting to be so much fun.  i have always loved my little man, but i'm really loving him these days.  he has so much personality.  he is often seen with this fat kid, cheesey smile on his face... especially when mary is around.  he was laughing at her then.  

sometimes i leave them in their highchairs for awhile after we eat and ask mary to make luke laugh.  she plays games with him and entertains him while i clean the dishes.  it's awesome.

he's also on the go a lot!  he never stops moving.  he's clearly excited about going after something... probably a bug.  it's just weird how much of a boy he is and how different he is than mary.  anytime he is on the back porch he crawls to the grass to eat handfuls of dirt or catch big ants.  he gets really excited about the ants.

he's about to get me... crawling up me as i take the picture.  he's kind of a physical guy, always wrestling, knocking someone over or trying to eat my face.  we'll have to get that one on video but he literally tries to eat my nose.  it's kind of embarrassing in public because he looks like a ferocious dog.

and my newest favorite thing that luke does... play peek a boo in his high chair.  he lays his head down and looks at us and we say "where's luke" and he just gets a big grin on his face.  i mean, i can hardly stand how sweet he looks when he does it.  

on a completely different note, i want to share two reasons why i love indonesians so far.  first, we have had these two little girls come by twice this weekend to play with mary.  they are 8 and 10 years old, they are so patient and kind to her, they bring their toys to show her and they totally entertain her for at least an hour.  it's so sweet!  and i was able to study a little bit while they played.  nice.

secondly, i had an experience at the grocery store that made me really thankful.  i'm like a circus when i go there, really!  i'm on the motorcycle and they give you approximately 4 inches between bikes when you have to park.  then i come out with four big bags of groceries that i have to stuff in a backpack, in my seat and between my legs... then get my bike out of the smallest space known to mankind.  all the while, i'm being stared at the ENTIRE time because i'm the white girl on the motorcycle that clearly didn't have to grocery store on a motorcycle in my past life.  anyways, today i was loading the bags and first, my leg touched another muffler and burnt it (just a bit but i couldn't help it because my legs are wider than the 4 inches that they give me!).  this man looked at me with sympathy, then after watching me try to jam 3 boxs of cereal in my packback he came and helped me while his wife watched (so he wasn't being shadey).  then, he tied my other grocery bag so i could hang it between my legs.  then, when i was trying to get my bike out of the jigsaw puzzle i, of course, bumped into another motorcycle and couldn't manage enough turns to get it out.  the man was there making sure i made it out safely (which i wouldn't had if he weren't there), then he moved the bikes around me and made a way for me to get out.  anyways, all of this to say two things... I AM A GONG SHOW whereever i go.  i mean, i was just laughing at myself as all of the indonesians watched the helpless white girl.  it's times like that that i just wish i could BLEND in... but i never will.  and the other thing, sometimes it's nice to look like an idiot because indonesians are so friendly and they have compassion on me and help me.  i thanked God for him as i drove away.  oh, and the real moral of the story is... pray we get a car soon!  

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karen said...

So Rachel pointed out that when Luke has his cheesy smile on his face, he looks like the Kool aid man OR even better, Kevin from The Office (making the Kool aid man face, that is).