Monday, October 24, 2011

he eats dirt.

yummy, dirt!
what mom?  dirt is good!

luke likes to eat dirt.  he is such a boy!  he goes straight for that corner where he can reach the dirt and ants and tries to eat them... and sometimes he gets it in before i can stop him.... and sometimes it's gets all over his cute little mouth.  

mary has a few favorite things right now... puzzles being one of them.  she's getting really good at the puzzles (probably because she has them memorized now) and loves to do them!  it's fun because she gets really proud of herself as she's doing them... when i'm doing them with her she gives me a high five after every piece she puts together.  

she loves to play her guitar also.  we have bought mary very, very few toys in her life (she has grandparents that do that) but this was one i wanted to get her as a surprise for when we arrived in indonesia.  it was one of the better buys that i made this year!  she loves it.  lately, she's been watching this video of herself when she was about 4 months old with her three girls cousins... the girls are singing "girls just want to have fun" and dancing with mary in their arms.  it's about 36 seconds long and mary will watch it approximately 58 times in a row.  well, i think this frequent viewing has helped her dance moves, as you can see below.

on another note, my kids are both turning over new leaves in the sleep department!  praise God!  :)  mary has yelled and whined for about the last 5 months every time she has to go to sleep... i have to go in and talk to her far too many times and we continually repeat... "how do you go night night, mary?" and she replies "with a happy heart, good attitude, no crying, no yelling" and then i close the door and she yells or cries.  rough.  but, the last 5 nights and naps she's gone to bed great!  as she gets in her bed she says, "go night night with happy heart and good attitude more-gin mama!"  letting me know that she's going to do it again (more-gin means more/again).  it's been nice.  and luke, well he had been waking up around 6am and sometimes 5am.  but, the last four mornings he's slept until 7:15 or 7:30am!  then he plays in his bed for a half hour or an hour.  we're thankful and hopeful that these great patterns will continue.

and on the last note, as i'm watching a lizard run across my bedroom floor, i just wish the lizards in my house would stay on the walls!  i've come to accept that we will have lizards in our house... fine.  but, i hate when they're on the floor.  i just wish they would stay above eye level on the walls.  that's all.  :)  

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karen said...

ummm... are those the same socks Mary had when she was an infant? I remember forcing her to tap dance in them before she could even sit up...