Monday, October 31, 2011

i love it!

i want to give a little update about life in indonesia... usually i just talk about my kids, which is probably more exciting, but i also want to document our transition here, the timing of stuff and how we feel.  

in general, life is good here... sometimes i really miss america (mainly when i think about my family and friends... and cheese and the ease of shopping and diet dr pepper and....).  i've realized that something that i want to grow in is having a thankful heart for where God has led us.  honestly, there could potentially be a lot to complain about here (there isn't the order and ease of america), but i want to learn to love this country and the people.  i want to choose to be thankful for the small things until i know the people and culture well enough to really love it.  SO, i'm going to start writing a little 'series' (is that what real bloggers call it?) once a week called "i love it!" and talk about one thing that i love about life in indonesia now... even if it a very small thing... like... 

our backyard

this is a view from the grass, it's our little porch that we spend A LOT of time on.  those sliding doors are always open during the day and go into our main room in the house (we have one big room with a kitchen, dining area and living room).  we love having the shaded area to play outside!

here's a picture from our living room... kitchen on the right side and that little patio table is our dining room table now.  :)  we're getting there.  there's a little strip of grass about the size of a one car garage and these big colorful plants behind it.  it's really pretty out there and will be even more pretty when a gardener comes and cleans it up soon.  :)  we didn't have a yard at all in boston so this is one thing that we are really thankful for about life in indonesia!  

this is not going to turn to complaining now but this is what real life is like here.  there are BUGS...  like the 10 cockroaches we killed in our bathroom/ bedroom today!  they have all of the sudden moved in!  we hadn't seen one in over a month and today we had 10, one of which was on my shirt!  they're the size of my thumb, mind you.  i screamed.  i found something online that says to put salt around the room and down the drain and i'll never see them again.  i'll let you know how that works out.  :)  

oh and one more thing we're really thankful for... our dressers came this weekend!!!  we have been living out of these little black bins since late june so i was thrilled to put all of our clothes in drawers this weekend.  that's another wonderful thing about indonesia... you can give the carpenter a picture of a pottery barn dresser and get it made for about 1/10 of the price.  fun!

and i leave you with this picture from our porch... 

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

You are right- a backyard is invaluable with two little munchkins! I like your new series, mrs. fancy-pants blogger:)