Monday, October 17, 2011

strapped in

first of all, an update on mary... she is feeling much better tonight and just went to bed without a fever.  we quit potty training after saturday.  she had a very high fever sunday and was in no mood to be trained to do anything!  :)  she was pathetic really.  sad.  we'll try again in a few weeks when the trauma wears off.  i'm convinced that the third time will be a charm!  (yes, we also tried for one day when she was 21 months old... that was terrible!  she had 21 accidents and 3 successes in 5 hours.  haha!)

on a different note... we're ready to get a car!  mary and luke were practicing in their carseats this afternoon (they've been in our foyer since we moved here).  this evening they watched a bit of a video strapped in.  it was mary's idea and luke was less than thrilled about it after about 10 minutes.  

and here is the other reason we want a car... raining season is starting.  it DOWNPOURED on danny when he was coming home from the grocery store.  you can't really tell how wet he is, but he's completely soaked!  thanks for going, danny!

and yes, that is our spikey gate behind danny.  funny, huh?  we hardly even locked our doors in boston and now we have some dangerous gate blocking our driveway.  all of the houses on our street have a gate.... really all of the houses in the city have gates.  it's very welcoming.  :) 

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