Monday, November 28, 2011

i love it!... the monkey man.

one of the great things about living in indonesia is that anything can be delivered.  i don't feel like we've fully taken advantage of that yet (because we're afraid to call stores and ask for something to be delivered... understanding indonesian on the phone is hard!)  but we did take advantage of the MONKEY SHOW that was delivered to our house.  :)  a guy on a motorcylce rides around beating his drum to let everyone know that he's outside with the monkey (every item for sale has a different sound so people know what is available as the seller passes the house).  we happened to be outside and somehow got that our neighbors (whom we had never really met) thought it was too expensive to pay for the show, so i suggested we split the price.  it was about $.80 each.  the 10-15 minute show was well worth it!  the kids loved it!  

here are some of the tricks the monkey did... 


mary wanted to go sit with the neighbors whom we'd never met (of course) and they loved it!  she danced to the drum and had a great time.  and then she said she wanted to go into their house and walked right in.  luckily, 'dropping in' is very welcomed here so they were excited to have us.  the next day we were walking by and were invited in again.  so, the monkey and my pushing daughter helped us make some new friends!  

oh, and in case you happen to notice her outfit, i did too.  she had on a tie-dyed tank top and blue bloomers (those aren't underwear, she had a diaper on under them).  that is a very usual outfit for her.  our babysitter lets her pick out her clothes so i usually come home to something like that... well, i hope that mary is picking out the outfits and not ibu sri.  that would be weird if ibu sri put her in something like that.  i'm sure our neighbors just think it's a cultural difference.  :)  the first thing out of danny's mouth when we got home was, could you at least put some shorts on her.  oh well.  

i couldn't take many pictures of the kids watching the monkey because it kind of scared me not to have them with me.  at one point mary knelt down and said 'hi monkey' closer than the monkey liked and he hissed at her and showed his teeth.  mean monkey!  but, i'm going to ask my neighbor for pictures because he was taking a lot of luke squealing at the monkey.  

just one of the perks of living in indo.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanksgiving #1 in indonesia

first thanksgiving.  
leslie's amazing turkey!

we had two thanksgiving feasts here in indonesia this year.  the first was friday night at our language school.  leslie and i arranged a traditional american thanksgiving meal for the group and it turned out to be a lot of fun!  they were really excited about it and loved the food.  i think there were only two indonesians that had ever tried turkey before so it was fun to introduce something from our culture.  there were actually a lot of people there (maybe 40ish) but these pictures don't do it justice.  it was hard taking pictures and making sure my children weren't kidnapped by the few indonesians that were obsessed with them.  i kid.  :)

mary had a great time playing with some of the kids there and a lot of the adults.  the boy on the right is one of our teacher's sons and he is always so sweet to her!  she really likes him.

mary dancing

mary doesn't quite get the stick out your tongue thing... 

they played 'london bridges' (probably called something else here) and the kids loved it!

and this is what luke did all night... was grabbed by someone, i tried to hide and he looked for me.  after a few minutes he started fussing and then i'd take him back.  everyone wanted to hold him but he's into a MAJOR mama phase... like one that has me wondering if i'll loose my mind by the end of the day.  but usually in the evening he starts snuggling up on me and i can't get enough of it.  i love you, luke!

Friday, November 25, 2011

'mary, what are you thankful for today?'

me: 'mary, what are you thankful for today?'
mary: 'dod' (meaning God)
me: 'what else are you thankful for?'
mary: 'Jesus'
me: 'well, what made you happy today?' (in an attempt to get her to think of something that happened in her day)
mary: 'dod'
me: 'okay, that's great!'

mary last thanksgiving... 

 we *try* to ask eachother what we're thankful for every night at dinner (usually happens about half of the nights) and this is mary's response every night!  somewhere she learned that we should be thankful for God and Jesus.  either she is really spiritual or she doesn't quite understand that you can be thankful for other things also.  i'll go with the thought that she's just really thankful for what God has done for us through Jesus.  i pray that she is always be aware of the love and grace of God for her and be thankful for Him.  and i pray that we learn to be thankful everyday from her.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


luke started walking and this is his proud/ concentrated face while walking.  it's kind of hard to get pictures of his whole body walking since he can only walk a few steps and i have to be there to catch him.  can't get back far enough... but here's his cute face while walking.

and here's the first night he took steps.  yes, he's always that dirty.  he always has food on his clothing (sometimes i wonder if the ants get on his cloths during his naps... sometimes i put him in clean cloths).  :)  and he's ALWAYS that sweaty!  his hair is usually wet around his ears.  i think he get's it from danny (an obvious joke for anyone who knows me).  

he's walking....

and he landed.
we're proud of you, bubbies!  

Monday, November 21, 2011

"i love it!" and we have a walker....

the "i love it" series... to help me choose thankfulness and to love the place God has led our family... today is a really spiritual one... 

today i'm thankful that there is a starbucks in surabaya and that i got to go last weekend.  that's right, surabaya (the city we're moving to next summer) has a starbucks.  it is exactly like the starbucks in america and it was oh so comforting.  we took a short weekend trip to surabaya to check out different areas of the city and just enjoy the city that we'll soon be calling home.  it's a lot bigger, dirtier and crowded so we want to be proactive about trying to find things we love about it.  things i loved... starbucks, the italian and the thai restaurant that we ate at and the huge malls.  spiritual, i know.  :)  it's hard to love deep things about it after visiting for 48 hours.  but, i also really liked that there were a lot of people just hanging around (hopefully it will make it easier to get to know them) and there were a few nice parks for the kids to play and me to meet other moms.

anyways, on to our WALKER!  luke took his first steps last week... it was three steps as he was falling into my arms.  now, only a few days later, he's taken about 7 controlled steps.  it's so stinking cute!  he gets really proud of himself and looks at us for approval.  we'll try to get it on video one of these days.  here he is at the park last week... 

he was laughing, not crying.... i think. 

going after a ball... his FAVORITE activity (besides eating)

about to crawl towards me... he also loves to do that.  whenever i get on the floor with him he gets so excited and comes right over to tackle me.  yes, he full on tackles!  he's a tough boy.

and here's my big girl reading in her big girl bed.  sometimes we send her to bed with a few books while we clean up and she just reads them.  she has a few memorized (or at least the idea) so she tells the story.  it's sweet.  gosh, she is so stinking funny these days!  

today she came running to me when i was cleaning dishes.  she said she was scared (just wanting my attention).  danny said, "well, when mama gets scared she always wants dada to cuddle her. do you want to come to me and i'll cuddle you?"  she looks at him in all seriousness, "no thank you, dada." 

we all went to the mall/grocery store tonight to get a few things.  mary went with danny to go buy some clippers at the department store.  the entrance they enter through led straight to the lingerie section.  mary proceeded to touch every bra and say "i like this one, daddy."  she picked up some blue underwear and told danny she like them too.  meanwhile, danny was trying to hurry her out of that section as all of the veiled women are watching him stop his two year old from picking up bras.  awkward.  

one more thing that she's doing now that is really sweet.  whenever luke walks or does something that is a little bit of a challenge for him (get down stairs, throw the ball, etc.) mary yells for danny and i to watch him.  she says, "look what luke can do, mommy!  yeah, bubba!  you did it, bubba!"  i hope that she always encourages her brother like that!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my debut

today was my debut as 'coach lisa.'  that's right, i coached a high school girls basketball game today.  i've been helping with the team once a week (coaching one practice) but the other coach was sick today so i had to take over the duty of coaching.  it was rough.  the girls played hard, really hard.  we were missing 4 players, including the one below (laurie) who is usually responsible for most points, assists and steals.  i'm proud of the way the girls played the entire game, even though there was no chance they would come back to win.  most of them haven't played much (if at all) so we're in a learning phase.  i like to say that there is a lot of room for growth.  :)  

obviously can't take pictures while i'm coaching but this is from last week :)

the team is from an international school down the street.  it's been a fun little place for our family.  we know quite a few people who go there and they have a playground that we can use.  so, often times we'll go up to play in the afternoon and then end up watching some sporting event.  mary usually knows a few of the students playing so she cheers them on and wants to play with them.  she loves 'playing' basketball, which is sometimes a problem while she's watching a game that she can't join in on.  

there was a boys' game after ours... i had hoped to watch it but instead was involved in a small photo shoot.  someone from the opposing team had a super fancy camera and they took about 200 pictures of our kids (and the other white kids).  they're going to email us the good ones and i'm actually kind of excited to see them.  they showed me a few and they were cute.  i'm rarely in pictures because i'm always taking them.  

and on a different note, here is mary eating her first hamburger.  she's one step ahead of me in the food department.  i have yet to eat a hamburger in my life (my parent's could correct me on this, but i'm pretty sure it's true).  she maybe had one bite and then moved on to baked beans and carrots.  funny that mary comes to indonesia to try her first hamburger.  thanks, o'quin family!  :)   

oh, and she has also learned what wendy's is since being here.  we go after church every sunday evening with the other white people who miss american food.  usually i pack a dinner (seriously) but i always get a frosty.  i think the frostys at wendy's are the best ice cream in town.  keep in mind, i've eaten a frosty in america one time in the last 7-10 years.  my friend shelly (who had a habit of eating frostys in boston) was stopping by my house one afternoon and brought me one.  i liked it... but now i LOVE frostys! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

i love it!

here is what i love about malang, indonesia today....

'alun alun' 

saturday we packed up the family, some lunch for the kids and a ball and headed to the center of town, called alun-alun.  there's nothing too special about alun-alun, it just an a grassy area with benches, a dirty fountain that wasn't on and a lot of random people laying around.  in boston i loved going to the boston commons to play in the grass, watch the people and just be in the city.  so, doing that here makes this city feel a little more like home.  

we're always sure to be watched and usually approached when we go out with our kids.  luke made some buddies that played with him.  he liked them.  danny also met a guy that he talked to for almost an hour.  i didn't think it would be a cute to take a picture of them talking :) but i was proud of danny for being able to talk that long in indonesian!  progress... slowly but surely. 


mary wasn't in the best mood this afternoon, well really she just didn't want me to take her picture.  she played and ran around with the kids too, tried to climb the tree like them and pretended to play tag (she could not keep up with the kids, obviously).  and, she's eating her daily lunch... a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  she eats it everyday and i make a whole sandwich a few times a week and eat the other half.  yummy.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

water bottle

today we went to go see a waterfall about an hour away... mary asked where the "water bottle" was the entire time we were driving there.  she kept telling us we were going to see a waterbottle, not a waterfall.  once we got there she was only mildly interested in the waterfall, but had a good time on our little journey none the less.  luke doesn't look too interested either... he wasn't.  he's a little too squirmy to enjoy being in the ergo carrier anymore.

danny isn't too into being photographed so this picture is extra sweet to me.  danny is smiling with his teeth (very rare for pictures) and mary is all snuggled up (also very rare!).  sweet.

a few highlights from our trip: there were monkeys all around and mary liked that a lot; i got my picture taken with multiple random indonesian people... they just come up and ask if i'll pose in a picture with them.  usually it's my kids that get photographed (it's not uncommon for 10 people to take picures of luke or mary while we're at the mall) but because i had luke on me i was included.  awkward.  and on our two hour journey mary probably asked at least 300 questions, no exaggeration.  she's started the question asking phase.  wow, it's tiring.  finally at the end i started asking her questions just like she asked me, 'mary, where cow go?' 'i see cow more-gin?' 'where the waterbottle?'  she thought i was so funny.  she knows all of the answers to the questions and sometimes i'll tell her the wrong answer and she'll say no mommy and tell the the right one.  she funny.  

and, the water bottle...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

make him laugh

mary and luke are quite the buddies these days.  mary loves him and he thinks she is so funny (which is probably one of the main reasons she loves him so much)!  today we were at a high school basketball game and i was holding luke but mary wanted me to hold her also (which was partly because i was holding luke).  anyways, they just started leaning their heads together, mary would kiss him and they would laugh together.  it was so sweet!  those are moments that i love.  

often times if luke is done eating and i'm cleaning dishes or something i'll ask mary to make him laugh so he doesn't get whine.  so she plays peek-a-boo or does a funny dance or yells something random and he throws his head back and dies laughing.  

more peek-a-boo

Monday, November 7, 2011

i love it!

so, to continue in my "series" of why i love indonesia.... here it is.  :)

changing the water is one of the activities that danny and mary always do together.  she 'helps' him cut the seal, clean the top and then flip it over.  he waits for her help everytime it has to be done.  she loves it!  

the truth is, today i'm not in love with indonesia... i like it but i can't think of something that i really want to talk about.  for some reason today is kind of a down day... maybe because i was sick (again) yesterday, most likely from something that i ate, and i'm still feeling it.  throwing up for a day every month or so may just be the new normal for our family.  today i'm still thankful, it's just not something specific to our life in indonesia.

today i'm thankful for danny.  i'm thankful for countless things about him, but a few from the last few days...

i'm thankful that today when i was feeling kind of down he asked me to sit by him and tell him what i was thinking and feeling.  he cares.

i'm thankful that i can tell by the way he looks at me while i'm talking that he would do anything to make me feel better.

i'm thankful that when i was in bed all day yesterday he took care of the kids, tried to keep them out of the room to let me rest, fed them and cleaned up after everyone.

i'm thankful that he's been really proactive about building our marriage in the good times (rather than just as a result of conflict) and seeking to bless me in the little things (like hanging pictures on our walls and making our house feel a little bit more like OUR home).

i'm thankful that he lets me go through the process of grieving the loss that came with moving to indonesia; he is patient with me, speaks truth from God to me and encourages me.

from july... luke the little baldy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

tattle tale and snaggle tooth

"mama, maya come over more-gin.  i not say NO! to maya.... i say NO! just a yiddle bit.  i not say NO! to livvy, i just say NO! to maya just a yiddle bit."  this was our conversation in the car on the way home from dropping off hayley and maya (who is 20 months).  mary has a problem with saying NO! to her friends (as i'm sure most 2 years olds do) and we're working on it.  it's a deep rooted issue though!  

mary always tells me when she knows she did something wrong.  it's so funny.  so our babysitter can't exactly say no to mary, it's just not in their culture.  usually they don't really say no to their kids until they're like 4 or 5.  so, sometimes i come home and mary has eaten 5 clementines and then has diarrhea for the next 5 hours or she's had 3 oreos before lunch (and for those of you who know me well, well... that's different).  and she's even had her pacifier in her mouth twice when i've come home from language school.  she's two and a half, she really shouldn't have a pacifier anymore at all!  she wakes up every morning usually around 6am, i give her the paci and walk out and she sleeps until 8 or 8:30am.  i'm just not ready to give up those hours.  so last night she had it i told her she was going to have a punishment if she asked for her paci from ibu sri again (usually ibu sri says mary cries for it and so she gives it to her)... i walked in yesterday and the first thing she said... "i ask my paci from ibu sri."  hilarious!  i mean, obviously she knows it's wrong because it's the first thing she tells me when i come home.  i hope that she will be like this until she's all grown up.... maybe she'll never figure out that sometimes kids try to hide the bad things they do from their parents.  

mary watches ibu sri leave everyday.  sometimes she tells me she's going by herself and then holds ibu sri's hand and says she's going to her house.  thanks, mary!  :)  usually she tells her not to forget her umbrella.  the rain can be crazy here!  oh and that's our gate.  weird, i know.  we told our language teacher today that people in america don't usually have gates and she was so surprised!  she said, people can just enter?!?  well, we have doors to stop them.  everyone has gates here.  

oh, and disclaimer, though ibu sri isn't great at saying no to mary, or getting her to eat in a chair or getting her to wear something besides underwear over her diaper and a tank top (she usually has on something of the sort when i come home)... we LOVE ibu sri!  she loves our kids, takes them on walks, plays with them... she's wonderful.  and they love her!  mary tries to go home with her sometimes and luke gets so excited to see her every morning.  it puts my heart at ease since being away from my kids for so long every day isn't my favorite thing.  

have i mentioned that ONE of luke's top teeth came in about 2 weeks ago and the other one hasn't.  i think it's so cute and funny looking.  though these pictures are the most becoming of him, i love this face.  it's his really excited face... usually when he sees someone he loves or is chasing a ball.  he's getting to be so much fun these days!  he waves bye bye and gives kisses and laughs all of the time. he's a pretty happy guy, in general.