Friday, November 25, 2011

'mary, what are you thankful for today?'

me: 'mary, what are you thankful for today?'
mary: 'dod' (meaning God)
me: 'what else are you thankful for?'
mary: 'Jesus'
me: 'well, what made you happy today?' (in an attempt to get her to think of something that happened in her day)
mary: 'dod'
me: 'okay, that's great!'

mary last thanksgiving... 

 we *try* to ask eachother what we're thankful for every night at dinner (usually happens about half of the nights) and this is mary's response every night!  somewhere she learned that we should be thankful for God and Jesus.  either she is really spiritual or she doesn't quite understand that you can be thankful for other things also.  i'll go with the thought that she's just really thankful for what God has done for us through Jesus.  i pray that she is always be aware of the love and grace of God for her and be thankful for Him.  and i pray that we learn to be thankful everyday from her.  

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Emily said...

What a sweetheart! I love her and I love reading your updates!! Way to go celebrating Thanksgiving every night.