Thursday, November 3, 2011

tattle tale and snaggle tooth

"mama, maya come over more-gin.  i not say NO! to maya.... i say NO! just a yiddle bit.  i not say NO! to livvy, i just say NO! to maya just a yiddle bit."  this was our conversation in the car on the way home from dropping off hayley and maya (who is 20 months).  mary has a problem with saying NO! to her friends (as i'm sure most 2 years olds do) and we're working on it.  it's a deep rooted issue though!  

mary always tells me when she knows she did something wrong.  it's so funny.  so our babysitter can't exactly say no to mary, it's just not in their culture.  usually they don't really say no to their kids until they're like 4 or 5.  so, sometimes i come home and mary has eaten 5 clementines and then has diarrhea for the next 5 hours or she's had 3 oreos before lunch (and for those of you who know me well, well... that's different).  and she's even had her pacifier in her mouth twice when i've come home from language school.  she's two and a half, she really shouldn't have a pacifier anymore at all!  she wakes up every morning usually around 6am, i give her the paci and walk out and she sleeps until 8 or 8:30am.  i'm just not ready to give up those hours.  so last night she had it i told her she was going to have a punishment if she asked for her paci from ibu sri again (usually ibu sri says mary cries for it and so she gives it to her)... i walked in yesterday and the first thing she said... "i ask my paci from ibu sri."  hilarious!  i mean, obviously she knows it's wrong because it's the first thing she tells me when i come home.  i hope that she will be like this until she's all grown up.... maybe she'll never figure out that sometimes kids try to hide the bad things they do from their parents.  

mary watches ibu sri leave everyday.  sometimes she tells me she's going by herself and then holds ibu sri's hand and says she's going to her house.  thanks, mary!  :)  usually she tells her not to forget her umbrella.  the rain can be crazy here!  oh and that's our gate.  weird, i know.  we told our language teacher today that people in america don't usually have gates and she was so surprised!  she said, people can just enter?!?  well, we have doors to stop them.  everyone has gates here.  

oh, and disclaimer, though ibu sri isn't great at saying no to mary, or getting her to eat in a chair or getting her to wear something besides underwear over her diaper and a tank top (she usually has on something of the sort when i come home)... we LOVE ibu sri!  she loves our kids, takes them on walks, plays with them... she's wonderful.  and they love her!  mary tries to go home with her sometimes and luke gets so excited to see her every morning.  it puts my heart at ease since being away from my kids for so long every day isn't my favorite thing.  

have i mentioned that ONE of luke's top teeth came in about 2 weeks ago and the other one hasn't.  i think it's so cute and funny looking.  though these pictures are the most becoming of him, i love this face.  it's his really excited face... usually when he sees someone he loves or is chasing a ball.  he's getting to be so much fun these days!  he waves bye bye and gives kisses and laughs all of the time. he's a pretty happy guy, in general.  

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