Wednesday, December 7, 2011

angry boy

oh no!  i can't reach the balloon.  
what do i do, mama?

get me that balloon!!!

don't just take pictures... help me, mama!
luke is generally a smiley, fun little guy but he also knows what he wants.  and when he doesn't get it he has a way of letting us know, as you see above.  sometimes his angry faces crack me up.  he also usually has a 4 second delay before he starts crying about something... which is also a little funny and really cute.  his bottom lip slowly comes out, he looks at me like 'how could you do that to me, mama!??!' and then 1-2-3 WAIL!  like if i take his milk cup away because it's all gone or i take him away from the dirt he is trying to eat.  crazy boy.  i love him.

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