Sunday, December 18, 2011

baking away

mary loves to bake and we've been doing quite bit lately... and we'll be doing even more this week.  these pictures are from when she 'helped' us make the sugar cookie dough.  we didn't have time to let her 'help' us cut them (her helping usually increases the time and mess by at least 30%) but we're going to do that with auntie kim this week.  

who is auntie kim, you ask?  danny's sister who is coming to stay with us for two weeks from africa!!!  we are so excited to have her coming for christmas... the excitement of her coming has helped me deal with (or not think about) the sadness of missing family in the states.  something that makes her visit especially neat is that she actually hasn't met luke yet.  so, they'll get some good bonding time.  mary has yelled "AUNTIE TIM" (yeah, she says 'tim') as she hears someone coming in the house.  she's anxiously awaiting her special visitor!  

back to baking... i think mary actually like to cook for two reasons: 

1. because she eats every ingredient i use (flour, salt, sugar, butter... she wants a bite of it all, or 18 bites).  do you see the sugar on the tip of her finger?  she's happy about it!

2. because i let her crack the eggs by herself and she gets really proud of herself.  it's hilarious!  she slams it on the counter top (usually winds up really high and i think she's going to smash the egg everywhere, but she slows down right before it hits the counter), finds the crack and usually uses her pointer finger to dig the shell away and guide the egg  as it falls out.  

her little pointer finger in action.  :)

while i was taking pictures it was actually leslie helping her.  leslie, thanks for always being a great sport and letting mary 'help' you!  she loves it!  

while writing this post i was interrupted by mary... and it was funny.  she went to bed about 40 minutes ago and usually talks and sings for awhile.  she all of the sudden started moaning and whining for me so i went in and asked her what was wrong.  she said 'layla hit me.  layla hit me hard, like that...' while she smacked herself in the forehead kind of hard.  layla is her baby doll.  i laughed.  about once a week she tells me that layla took her blanket or layla kicked her in the back or some other offense.  for some reason i think it's funny every time.  

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